The mistake of Lupita Jones when publishing congratulations for Andrea Meza

In the wrong publication, he also showed what he would say if he did not win. In this message I planned to recognize the work of the now Miss Universe 2021: “TEXT PROPOSAL FOR NETWORKS IF ANDREA DOES NOT WIN IN MISS UNIVERSE, Congratulations Andrea! You struggled to achieve a dream that accompanied you since you were a child, your discipline and talent took you to the place you occupied in Miss Universe today, “she erroneously posted on Instagram.

Message from Lupita Jones (Instagram / lupitajones)

However, due to the error, the message was modified. The speech that he had planned in case he won was not used and he decided to leave the message that he would occupy if he did not win.

The error in Lupita Jones’ Instagram account did not go unnoticed by users of social networks, who, upon realizing it, began to spread it. The message provoked different reactions and even a discussion was opened about who wrote it, if it would have been Lupita Jones or her Community Manager.

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