The Civil Guard has arrested a woman in Piedratajada (Zaragoza) after selling a drink with sodium chlorite, a false remedy against coronavirus, to a neighbor of the municipality. The detainee is accused of an alleged crime against public health resulting in injury. The investigation began after the health authorities They cared for a 67-year-old woman with severe poisoning, the result of having ingested this miracle drink.

After carrying out the pertinent investigations, the Civil Guard found a 52-year-old woman, allegedly dedicated to osteopathy, massages and other activities, whose consultation was carried out at her own home. After being detained, the meritorious proceeded to Search of his home, where there was a strong smell of bleach, products were found that were presumably used to make these craft drinks and more than 32,000 euros in cash were found.

The Civil Guard also collected relevant documentation for the investigation and intervened the drink that was ingested by the victim. It has been confirmed that it was made by hand and without any sanitary control. The liquid will be sent to the health department for an in-depth analysis and it is already being investigated if there are more victims who have been able to buy this supposed remedy against coronavirus.

20 euros for a 250 milliliter bottle

The lady who bought the drink paid for a bottle of 250 milliliters 20 euros. She made several intakes of the product and it was at night when her husband found her on the ground without knowledge. She immediately notified the medical services and her wife she was transferred urgently to a hospital in Zaragoza.

Thanks to this incident, the Civil Guard has been able to start the investigation and find the suspect, who has already been brought to justice. After all, the security forces have insisted that You should not buy or ingest products that have not been prescribed by health care nor those that, sold as natural remedies, have not passed the relevant health controls.