The Ministry of Labor suffers a new cyber attack three months after the one that affected the SEPE

The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy has suffered a new cyber attack. Just three months after the one suffered by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), dependent on Labor. Through a brief message on Twitter, the Ministry of Labor has reported that it is being affected by a computer attack.

At this time, different sections of the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Labor website give an error and the cyber attack is also affecting dependent organisms, such as the Labor Councils.

Second cyber attack in three months

According to the Ministry, those responsible are working in conjunction with the National Cryptological Center to determine the origin and restore normalcy. At the moment the scope of this new computer attack is unknown, although its scope is being visibly less this time.

On March 9, SEPE suffered an attack by the ‘Ryuk’ ransomware. A cyberattack that caused significant delays for weeks. In the previous attack, it was revealed that the computer systems of the Ministry of Labor are not sufficiently up-to-date.

This is Ryuk, the ransomware that has knocked out SEPE (and that knocked out many others before)

The SEPE is precisely one of the public administrations in which the European recovery funds will be invested. An update to these systems that is late and will have predictably facilitated this second cyberattack.

As confirmed by sources of Work to the Information, the SEPE this time has not been affected. A cyber attack that, according to El Confidencial, would have been again caused by the ‘Ryuk’ ransomware, which already caused the SEPE cyberattack.

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