The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration,José Luis Escrivá, estimates that when theminimum incomewill have an annual cost of3,000 million euros.

During a telematic conference in La Moncloa, he gave this figure “prudently” after crossing survey data in recent weeks with data on the incomes of potential beneficiaries.

And as he had previously advanced in the Senate, he has ensured that from the moment it enters into force, the benefit may be requested.“The payment of the benefit may start as early as June,yes, “he said.

“I will bring to the Council of Ministers a rule that defines a minimum vital income with a Social Security benefit,” he said without specifying when the Council of Ministers will approve the measure in the second half of May.

In addition, it has advanced that they are designing a multichannel system to make the request withthe goal of reaching the most vulnerablereason why not only the channels that exist in Social Security will be used but they are exploring additional channels through other administrations to be as effective as possible.

On whether the measure should be temporary or permanent, he has referred to the “overwhelming” recommendations of all international organizations that insist that Spain is one of the OECD countries with a greater problem of severe poverty and a worse income distribution. . “This must be corrected.I do not understand that there are appeals to this being temporary when it is a structural problem “,He added to add that the concept of universal basic income is different and would entail a reconsideration of the Welfare State.

Finally,has denied that the rule provides that squatters benefitthat have been registered. “There is nothing certain, it is part of this news that circulates without any basis, it does not respond at all to anything that is stated in the norm that is being prepared and that is going to come out,” he concluded.