One of the biggest pedophile scandals comes to Netflix. The documentary ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ enters this network that used pyramid scam techniques to get girls to exploit sexually

The Lolita Express was a plane that transported minors around the world to be sexually exploited at parties for the rich and politicians. La Isla Pedófila, a private piece of land where parties and orgies were held with minors that they felt trapped and could not flee because they were surrounded by cameras that observed them 24/7. They look like the elements of a twisted and gross crime novel, but it’s not fictional at all. They are just two of the many elements that made up the network of child trafficking and sexual exploitation of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Newly released Netflix documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, Spanish Catalog) delves into these child trafficking networks, talking to survivors, lawyers, journalists and police officers who have tried to report for years to this powerful man who, as they explain in the documentary, “thought he was about good and evil and could never be stopped

He had reason to think like this, he bought people as he liked (he had the money and the influence to do it) and managed to extort, persecute and harass those who tried to report him (One of the victims had to move every two months for years, another was followed by detectives who put the lengths in the car so that he did not sleep and went mad, and he even gossiped about the private life of the policemen to threaten their families until to drop the case).

The docuserie, of four one-hour chapters each, tries to reconstruct how Epstein managed to get a lot of underage girls to sell each other (sending their friends) to be raped. The billionaire created a kind of pyramid scam, but with violations: “if you bring a friend I give you $ 200 each,” he said. He did it for many years, creating a trafficking and sexual abuse network that took decades to uncover and where, supposedly, many celebrities were involved (although none was prosecuted), one of them, the producer Harvey Weinstein (yes, the #MeToo).

‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’

In addition to analyzing the crimes, the documentary tries to understand who the tycoon was, investigating from Epstein’s early years until he was imprisoned (where he killed himself). But, also, analyzing his personality with psychologists (described as a narcissistic sociopath with no capacity to empathize and, in fact, only shows emotions when they tell him that a victim said that his penis was ugly and egg-shaped, because they are attacking him to his superiority), policemen who suffered his threats (presenting him as a cynic who resorted to anything to win) and his former Wall Street colleagues (who claim that he succeeded by manipulating, his true gift: he could convince you to do whatever he wanted, he always carried the pan by the handle).

After its premiere this weekend, has been in the top 5 most viewed platform. Why? Not only because it exposes a real and terrifying story that we all had read in the newspapers and that demonstrates the impunity with which some of the great fortunes have lived doing what they wanted. But also because, after the protests for the death of George Floyd, Anonymous has been resurrected with a 91-page document with, supposedly, all the contacts of celebrities who had collaborated with the Epstein child trafficking network, such as Donald Trump. According to the documentary, other men who passed through the island of orgies were Bill Clinton (up to 26 times) and Prince Andrew of England, who raped minors, according to several witnesses.

The timing of Netflix has been exquisite, because in the midst of all this wave of political revelations, his documentary adds all the context necessary to understand one of the most serious cases and the largest networks of pedophilia in history, which has not only been limited to the United States, but, as the police revealed when the case was no longer under summary secrecy, the Lolita Express had traveled to many countries, including Spain. For example, one of the victims was raped in Madrid, which, together with Sitges (Barcelona), are two of the many locations they travel to during the interviews. A mandatory story that you will swallow in one sitting and will leave you as terrified as a scary movie.