In these days when more and more people are working from home, mobile networks are collapsing due to the number of connections and due to all the online content that users are downloading. Motivated by quarantines, people spend a large part of their day confined at home, making the Internet one of the most useful resources for them.

But, How can we make the most of the Internet connection that we have contracted? A few days ago we already recommended using the cable whenever possible, in addition to giving a few tips, although it is not necessary to buy a new cable or router either unless we really work with the Internet needing an excellent Internet connection.

For those who have no choice but to use Wi-Fi, there are still some things we can do. And first of all, according to the UK Communications Office – Ofcom -, is turn off the microwave when we are using Wi-Fi. Or, rather, not to use it. And, in fact, this device emits interference that will slow down our wireless Internet connection.

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Specifically, microwave interference can be especially troublesome when we are, for example, making a video call, watching HD videos or downloading heavy files from the network, as well as when we are making a voice call using Wi-Fi, or many other times.

The microwave and other wireless devices, an obstacle to Wi-Fi

As well as we must avoid using the microwave when we need all the speed of Wi-Fi Available, Ofcom advises, we must also keep the router as far away from other wireless electronic devices as possible, such as a cordless landline phone, a baby radio, halogen lamps, dimmers – such as those used to regulate house lights – and other devices like televisions and monitors. “All these devices can affect if they are close enough to the router,” said the UK Office for Communications.

The fact that Ofcom recommends not using the microwave at the same time that we do something important online is because most of Wi-Fi works at 2.4 GHz, while microwaves work at 2.45 GHz. The frequencies with which these two devices operate is not far enough from each other, so they can be stepped on.

Another trick that has given the same orgnaismo, and that would help not lose Wi-Fi signal is do not put the router on the ground, but we must do it at least on a chair or a table. In the same way that we must place the router as centrally as possible with respect to the house, we must also do so with respect to the height of our rooms. Also, the fewer obstacles the router has around it, the better.

Actually, this problem is not new. In 2012 a youtuber already did an experiment with an iPhone that proved it. While, with the microwave turned off, it obtained a speed of 20.30 Mbps, with the microwave it was not able to obtain but 0.08 Mbps, which is a very considerable difference.

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Of course now Most routers have the option to broadcast Wi-Fi at 5 GHz –We will find another Wi-Fi signal that is activated with the same name and password–; This is a very good option if you want to use Wi-Fi and microwave at the same time, but 5 GHz Wi-Fi does not have as much range as 2.4 Ghz. That is, we do not need to do anything to activate, we just have to connect.

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