The Mexican National Team “neglects” Marcelo Flores and Canada wants to ensure it

Marcelo Flores, player of the academy of Arsenal, is closely followed by three teams, but it seems that the Canadian National Team is getting ahead of the Mexican National Team to “secure” the 17-year-old player.

In an interview for ESPN, Ruben Flores, father of Marcelo, revealed that Canada contacted him to comment on a possible selection call, although he stated that he preferred that his son continue with the Arsenal since there is the possibility that he will debut with the first team.

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“John Herdman, the coach of the Canadian team, called me to invite him. Unfortunately all this falls at the same time of the preseason and I told him that for me it is more important today that there is a preseason of the first team “

Regarding who “has a hand” in the race to stay with Marcelo Flores, Mr. Rubén declared that no one is at risk of being “rejected”, since they are only looking for a selection that shows interest and where the young man can see minutes.

“It is not that Mexico runs the risk, because it is the same as Canada or England runs. It is about the opportunity and the dream of any footballer, which is to play a World Cup “

However, Rubén Flores showed some dissatisfaction with how the Mexican National Team has handled the calls, since on several occasions they were able to call Marcelo and they did not, so it seems that they are not very interested in him.

“I think Mexico has had the opportunity to do the same as Canada and it has not, the ‘Tata’ Martino had a conversation with Marcelo because he knows him and has followed him, but now he took several of the boys who trained with Marcelo who are under 17 and under 20 to train with the senior team and Marcelo has not had that opportunity. “

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