Atlético de Madrid’s Mexican defense, Kenti Robles. . / Emilio Naranjo / Archive
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Madrid, Jun 30 . .- Mexican Kenti Robles rejected Atlético de Madrid’s renewal offer and will not continue next season in the mattress team, as announced by the current Spanish First Division runner-up on Tuesday.
Through a statement, Atlético de Madrid confirmed that five of its players will leave the team at the end of their contracts on June 30. Among them is the lateral Kenti Robles.
The Mexican entered the mattress discipline in 2015, from Espanyol, and contributed decisively to the best athletic stage of Atlético de Madrid. As rojiblanca, she won the 2016 Queen’s Cup and the league titles of 2017, 2018 and 2019.
In addition to Kenti Robles, Atlético de Madrid will leave the Spanish goalkeeper Lola Gallardo and the Dutch goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal, who also concluded the contract and rejected the renewal proposal.
« The contracts of Olga García and Caro Arias also expired and they will not continue defending the red and white elastic next season, » the club explained.
« All of them will face new football goals next season away from home. For this reason, from Atlético de Madrid Femenino we want to thank them for their dedication and effort during their stay in our team and wish them good luck in their sporting career, » concludes the statement from the Atlético de Madrid.