Míchel González in a match between Pumas UNAM and Atlético San Luis. | Jam Media / .

Coach Míchel González, who until a few weeks ago was a Pumas UNAM coach, said that he would like to take Mexican players to his team in Europe, although he also stressed that the Aztec player must change the mentality they have, since in the Old Continent the way of playing and how you develop on and off the field.

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It was in an interview for the program Línea de 4 where the Spanish revealed that he would like to take José Juan Macías (Chivas), Jesus gallardo (Monterrey), Johan Vasquez (Pumas) and Sebastian Cordova (America); while also believing it feasible to bring the midfielder Andres Iniestra.

« JJ Macias It would be one, he is a very high level player; to Cordova from America; to Jesus gallardo by Rayados. That’s to speak of the Mexicans. I believe that Andres Iniestra, from Pumas, would perform well, as did Johan Vasquez in Europe. They can do it because they have a great soccer capacity « , commented.

To close, he was questioned about his unexpected departure from the bench Pumas, mentioning that he noticed a ‘stagnation’ on the part of the board, which led him to give thanks and continue with new challenges and projects in his career as a coach.

« The situation had stagnated and when you go so far you try to make it progress. I worked very comfortably at the club, but I feel that progress, due to an economic situation, makes you stagnate and not progress, » said the technical director 57 years old.