Pepe Reina has demonstrated on social networks. The former goalkeeper of the Spanish soccer team has revolutionized social networks with his message about the demonstration that Vox has made about toto in Madrid, but also in other capitals of the Spanish state against the management of the coronavirus pandemic that the Pedro Sánchez government. a demonstration that, due to the State of Alarm, has had to be held in private cars.


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While the approximately thousands of cars and motorcycles paraded through the streets of Madrid, honking the horn and requesting the resignation of the Government, Pepe Reina has written the following message on his Twitter account. “Ah! Well, it seems that little people have gone out into the street, no & rdquor ;, the Spanish goalkeeper has written.

This message has caused a stir on social networks, although Reina has not been the only athletes who have spoken. Former Real Madrid player Jesús Fernández has gone further and participated in the demonstration.