Photo: @ epigmenioibarra / Twitter.

The television producer Epigmenio Ibarra became a Twitter trend in Mexico for a message where he spoke of some events that he has survived.

Ibarra responded to those who insult him through the social network, but with his message he unleashed new comments against him.

« Snipers have combed my hair » wrote Saturday around 7 PM. « They have fired direct bursts at me. I’ve been about to be shot. I have been ambushed. I was about to fly to pieces. I have flipped three times. I went out the windshield at 160 kilometers per hour, « continued Ibarra, who ended with the phrase: » Do you really think that with insults you intimidate me? « 

Her tweet immediately made a big impact on the social network and so far has garnered more than 10,000 « likes » and hundreds of comments, most of which were made fun of, since they considered her text to be like an action movie.

He went without saying that the SAT raged him with a substantial tax forgiveness. What a barbarian! Mario Almada or Chuck Norris ”said one of the comments.

« Not even Rambo has been saved from so much », « What narcoseries is this script from? » Read other messages.

Faced with the wave of reactions he received, Epigmenio expressed himself thus:

« The climate of rispidity in the network -generating in the first place by the corrosive action that, in the traditional media, of columnists, organic intellectuals and radio and TV presenters, exacerbated by corrupt former rulers who paid them and their bots-won’t take me away from them. ”

Ibarra continued on the social network sharing messages related to the activities of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and later referred to the issue of the tweet for which it became a trend.

« I am, like many and many, of those I met covering wars only one survivor, a lucky one. Almost all and all of them were saved by their bravery. Fear saved me; a fear that made me move forward just a little bit more. The precise mix between desire, audacity and fear ”.

But that message also received hundreds of taunts related to action or video game characters.

Just a few days ago Ibarra had had a confrontation with the journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva through the media.

« Ciro Gómez Leyva has crossed me off as Goebbels fourth. I can understand that this man has political differences irreconcilable with me, who feels a deep dislike for me. What I cannot understand, nor tolerate, is that I compare myself with one of the greatest killers of humanity”, Pointed out the director in a video that Radio Formula broadcast as right of reply.

He also commented that this seemed to him insult, because Goebbels was the one who “devised the alibi for the extermination of thousands of people ”. He noted that this comment leads to a lynching campaign against him and establishes a « Implicit parallelism between the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler and the democratic government of Mexico ».

Epigmenio Ibarra against Ciro Gómez Leyva

To end his video, Ibarra asked Gómez Leyva to stop insulting and of incite hatred against him among his listeners. In this context, he invited a debate « Without insults and with respect ».

This controversy started end of May after the first part of an interview carried out by Ibarra to the president López Obrador in the facilities of the National Palace-

During the nightly broadcast of his newscast, Gómez Leyva presented an excerpt in which López Obrador talks about the relationship of the media with power and every time he mentions Ibarra, the driver He described him as a « propagandist » for the president, which caused Ibarra’s reaction on Twitter.

« Propagandist? That was you in exchange for a lot of money from the treasury and for infamous characters. I am not one of those who cares more about their questions than the answers of the interviewees. By the way, this ‘producer’ never saw you in the line of fire, nor on the streets« He commented.


Epigmenio Ibarra confronts Ciro Gómez Leyva for calling him « Goebbels of the fourth »: he denounces « a lynching campaign »

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