La China Suárez, Benjamín Vicuña and Amancio

Amancio, the second son of Eugenia La China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña was born this Tuesday, June 28. The news of the baby’s arrival in the world was given by herself on Twitter and Instagram at almost one in the morning on Wednesday.

Recently, China shared with its more than four and a half million Instagram followers an emotional photo in which she appears with Benjamín Vicuña holding her baby in the clinic room and where she expressed her feelings within hours of becoming a mother for third time: « Just words of thanks. Thanks for health, thanks for love. I explode with happiness. Amancio beloved of mine ”, the actress wrote.

Eugenia and Benjamín together have a daughter, Magnolia Vicuña Suárez, born in 2018. In addition, Suárez is the mother of Rufina Cabré, 7, the result of her relationship with Nicolás Cabré. For his part, Benjamín Vicuña had four children with Carolina Pampita Ardohain: Blanca Vicuña Ardohain (born in 2006 and died in 2012); Baptist, born in 2008; Beltrán, in 2012 and Benicio, in 2014.

« Welcome Amancio Vicuña Suárez. You came to make us happier. Thanks to life, which has given me so much. @Benjavicunamori thanks my love for another miracle of life !!! ”, wrote the protagonist of the successful fiction Argentina, Tierra de Amor y Venganza on her official Twitter account to announce the good news, minutes after delivery.

The publication of China Suárez

While the Chilean actor also expressed his happiness on the social network: “We love your name so much, so much, that it became flesh. We think your mouth and now we smile. We mix our blood and life was stronger. @chinasuarez ”. In this way he made reference to the masculine name of Latin origin that they chose for their son. And its meaning is: lover, loving, loved.

Installed at the Los Arcos clinic, where China underwent a scheduled caesarean, earlier, Benjamin published the first photo with his newborn baby. From Instagram Stories, the actor shared the postcard in which he is seen holding the baby, wrapped in a blanket, in his arms in front of the window of the room while looking at him with love.

Benjamin Vicuña and Amancio

A week ago, the actor had already announced the imminent arrival of his son: « We are almost there. With all the love in the world. «  This was a very special pregnancy for China, since she had to go through it during the quarantine. In these months, she spent it locked up in the house that she shares with her partner and the large assembled family they formed. It was not an easy task due to the context, however they managed to go through it in the best possible way. In the next few hours, he will be discharged and Amancio will be able to meet his brothers.

“I think the best thing is that I can enjoy my children, without having travel and work in between. I learn a lot from them, I listen to their words, I share their feelings, I tell them that I also miss my parents, I live the day, we enjoy ourselves, we play sports together. Children teach us a lot, to de-dramatize and it is good because we take a little load off of it, ”Vicuña reflected in an interview with Por si las moscas, the radio series of Moskita Muerta and Nilda Sarli that is broadcast by The Eleven Ten / Radio of the City.


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