The authorities of the Buenosairean government received today the representatives of the hairdressers, who presented a protocol to be able to resume their activities. However, The party led by Fabio Cuggini and Rubén Orlando regretted the lack of official receptivity and expressed « disappointment » at the outcome of the meeting.

As detailed, the protocol took into account the situation of the smaller premises and neighborhood hairdressers who do not have the capacity to make important structural reforms such as installing plastic partitions.

« We came to propose a more austere protocol, for all those neighborhood hairdressers, and honestly we were very disappointed »Cuggini told the TN news channel.

Despite the fact that hairdressers have more than 90 days closed to the public, the characteristics of the activity, which is carried out over a very short distance, and the current increase in the number of infections, make a return in the short term very complicated.

« I think it will be very difficult for us to open. We are in full swing. They don’t mean it but you can see their facesCuggini lamented.

However, the stylist pointed out that the prohibition added to the economic drowning that means being so many days with the doors closed leads many workers in the sector to carry out their tasks clandestinely in private homes: « Sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease, because they are cutting hair at home, and the infections are greater. »

For his part, Orlando regretted that the Buenosairean officials attended them out of courtesy without having any real intention of relaxing the obligatory isolation.

« I got up and left. I didn’t feel mistreated but I didn’t feel treated either. The message for hairdressers is ál save yourself who can ‘”, Orlando raised in the Telefe newscast.

The deputy head of government participated in the meeting Diego Santilli and the Minister of Economic Development and Production, José Luis Giusti.

Weeks ago, the hairdressers had seen a light of hope in the statements of the head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, when he announced that they were analyzing « how hairdressers work in other cities. »

In principle, the protocol designed a few days ago by the General Confederation of Hairdressers raised the need to work with a closed agenda. That is, with separate shifts that allow the place and the work elements between client and client to be sanitized and disinfected.

In turn, it was detailed that the need to sterilize immediately after use the working instruments such as combs, brushes, towels, razors and scissors; and use a chinstrap or mask, gloves and an apron.

Without giving names, Cuggini pointed to some « unscrupulous colleagues » who presented exaggerated measures with « expensive inputs » (such as putting up screens).