The Simpsons panel at Comic Con 2020 was again a parade of memories, laughter and interesting anecdotes, as panels are usually in San Diego, only now from home. For this panel the moderator was the actress, and voiced by Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith and accompanied by: Al Jean, Matt Selman, David Silverman, Carolyn Omine and Mike B. Anderson. They presented some of the collectibles they have and about the time that one of them visited Mexico and an episode that they would like to do in our country.

One of the questions asked first, by Yeardley Smith, was how they now work remotely. To which Al Jean believes that they will not have a writers’ room, which is when they meet to discuss ideas about future episodes, in a long time:

« Because of the way the virus is transmitted, we don’t know when we have a writers’ room, » he laughs. We are in our 15th week of virtual meetings, so I think we will continue »

Then each of them showed some of the items that they consider to be the best in their collection:

Naturally some of them are very fond of their Kid Robot from The Simpsons where we see even a Mr. Spark with all his body! And how about that Juan Topo?

Matt Selman showed two 25th anniversary figures, one by Weird Al Yankovic.

A rarity that Al Jean has is Dr. Hibbert’s Island from one of the House of Terror specials.

But the winner was the device for Asthma in the form of Bart Simpson that has the writer Carolyn Omine.

And finally, one of the questions from the public referred to if the Simpsons would ever broach the subject of Mexican culture or visit our country in one episode, to which Al Jean commented about once in Mexico he felt in a very familiar setting:

About 20 years ago I went to a wedding in Mexico, and during my days there I went to the Pyramid of the Sun. Being at the top, when I turned around I saw that a person brought a Bart Simpson shirt, so wherever you go, can you feel at home.

Similarly, Carolyn Omine pointed out that have explored parts of Mexico, specifically in an episode where Krusty ends up taking all the children from his camp to the happiest place on earth: Tijuana.

The full panel of The Simpsons at Comic Con at Home can be seen HERE.

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Sergio López Aguirre Stanley Kubrick once said « In order to have a broader vision, not only do you see good movies, but also the bad ones » I obviously paid attention to the latter and it is a lot of fun.