The Medium’s Dev: Don’t expect a big visual leap in Next-Gen

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For a long time, especially since the PC looked head-on with consoles in terms of market competition through its distribution channels, the gap between the two platforms has become more noticeable. While the new generation of consoles is committed to delivering a product that resembles a high-quality PC experience at an affordable price, it is also true that one of its strengths lies in offering a suitable development environment to exploit the creativity of users. developers. Precisely, one of the creatives working on the console exclusive, The Medium, believes that there is the potential of Xbox Series X and PS5 and not in a visual leap.

During an interview with Gamingbolt, Jacek Zieba, producer of The Medium, Bloober Team’s horror game that is shaping up, despite its recent delay, as one of the most interesting titles for the start of the Xbox Series cycle, spoke about what the power of Xbox Series X and PS5 means in terms of development potential. According to the creative, advances in hardware are more suitable for developers to give greater rein to their creativity, hence it is in other sections, and not so much in the visual, where the ability of the, currently, most powerful console in the world.

In that regard, Zieba noted: “Games will generally look better, but it won’t be a staggering leap in quality like PS2 to PS3 and PS4, or Xbox to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The ability to improve computing power and performance Hardware can definitely help bring many interesting ideas and concepts to life, be it better artificial intelligence, finer details on stage, or easier workarounds for developers. Helps provide more opportunities for creative freedom, such as reality game dual within The Medium “.

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The Medium, which will feature a soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka, will arrive on January 28 on Xbox Series X | S and PC. In this link you will find more information about the new horror title from Bloober Team.

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