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One of the titles that has caught the most attention for the Xbox Series X debut is The Medium, a psychological horror proposal by the Polish studio Bloober Team that focuses on a dual game system in which 2 dimensions will be experienced at the same time. Although this game is about the biggest bet of that team and a step forward in terms of development, the original plan comes from just under 10 years ago, when it was presented in a peculiar way.

Now that part of the attention of Xbox Series X is directed towards The Medium, a game that will certainly have the music of Akira Yamaoka, a report by Nintendo Life presented a detail that allows us to locate the Bloober Team proposal in 2012. According to the Information, in that year some video game sites received a mysterious call in which a voice told them: « Do you know something about Medium? If not, you will. » Along with this announcement, the medium-game.com site started operations even though it only mentioned a new gameplay model.

The domain of that site was in the name of Bloober Team and that new proposal, at some point, was intended for Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and even mobiles. However, after that teaser, nothing was known about that new project until 2020, when the Bloober Team had the necessary technology to make its proposal a reality and present a dual game system. According to the report, that 2012 site now leads to the official site of The Medium, a game that will arrive exclusively on the console for Xbox Series X and PC.

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