After weeks of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Alarm State ends on June 21. Spain will pass to the “new normal”, in which the Covid-19 will continue to be present. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to comply with certain standards and pay attention to the safety distance of 1.5 meters. These will be the new measures of the “new normal” in Andalusia.

Bars, restaurants and entertainment venues

The capacity is extended to 75% inside bars and restaurants. On the terraces, up to 100% of the tables may be occupied. In any case, the maximum number of people per table will be 25.

In the nightclubs and nightlife venues, the capacity will be 40% at tables and 75% on terraces.

Amusement parks and zoos

Amusement parks, including thematic and aquatic, will have a maximum allowed capacity of 60%.

As for the fair attractions, in the “new normal” in Andalusia, the capacity will be 50% of the row of seats and 30% in attractions without seats to guarantee the safety distance.

As for the zoos, will have a capacity of 66%.

Hotels and tourist accommodation

In tourist accommodation in Andalusia, the 50% capacity is maintained in the common zones until new notice. In group activities, the maximum capacity will be 20 people.


The capacity in the common areas of the shopping centers will be that which allows the Minimal distance among users. The establishments will have to clearly indicate the capacity.

Free time activities

And finally, the capacity in the free time activities in open spaces it will be 75%, with a limit of 250 people. The capacity is reduced to 50% and limit of 150 people in closed spaces.