The CBA China It continues to recruit American players to try to raise the level of the competition, but the coronavirus remains entirely unaffected and threatens to prevent activity from resuming. Weeks ago the organizers were optimistic and made a call to all the foreign players to return as soon as possible since they intended to start in early April. However, the importation of cases makes it unfeasible to train and think of returning to the league before May. Antonio Blakeney He had already signed with the Jiangsu Dragons, but after suffering a serious injury months ago, he returned to the United States.

“I have spent fifteen days playing play, doing some exercise, talking to my family and getting bored in a hotel,” said the player himself in a report by TheUndefeated. At 23 years old, Blakeney is completely helpless in an unknown country and without knowing if he will be able to play in the CBA or the season will be suspended. This is what drives him to rethink things and seek accommodation in the NBA, at least, to leave China without being able to be in a sports discipline. “I have not even been able to leave the hotel to buy food, they bring it to me daily. Nor have they told me clearly if it will be possible to play or not, so I do not know what I can do,” he said with some despair.

Questioned about his aspirations when moving to the CBA ChinaThe former Bulls player makes an interesting reflection. “I liked playing here because I was totally focused on basketball and I think I could improve a lot in this league. I would feel very bad if I went through this and then the competition does not resume, but those things are beyond my control. I am afraid of what the virus can do in the United States, “acknowledges a man who has high hopes for himself. “I believe in my chances, but if the competition were canceled it would be a very hard blow,” he said.