For a few weeks, WWE has sent us a hidden message in all the shows of Friday Night Smackdown. A strange glitch appeared on our screen, and not only ours, it also appeared on the backstage screens when the superstars had segments. It looked like a kind of circle surrounding a white envelope.

Many said that `it could be Ali’s return, since it is out of the ring for a long time. It is the only option that remains since Killer Kross’s option was scrapped when it came out on WWE NXT. Until tonight we always saw the same glitch, but in today’s show it seems that this has been updated.

Strange message appeared on screen

In a segment where Tucker was warming up for his fight against Dolph Ziggler, this message appeared again on our screen. However, this time it was different, as it appeared followed by a very mysterious message. After the glitch, we were able to read the message: THE TRUTH WILL BE HEARD.

A few weeks ago we published about a Cryptic tweet on the WWE account, which matched the glitch’s message, THE TRUTH WILL BE HEARD.

It all came out tonight

What is striking is that in recent weeks this subliminal message appeared only in segments where Dolph Ziggler appeared. Looking at it today also in the Tucker segment, we could already deduce that this will have something to do with the rivalry between Dolph Ziggler and Otis. Whenever Dolph was looking at his phone reading a message, this ¨glitch¨ would appear. Coincidence or not, this glitch contained an envelope, which could be related to Ziggler’s messages.

It was all the idea of ​​a mysterious hacker who revealed the truth about the relationship between Dolph Ziggler and Mandy Rose in several videos. It showed how Sonya Deville prepared this relationship to separate her from Otis.

Sma # SmackDown

– WWE (@WWE) April 4, 2020

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