The Chicago Bulls they chose Michael Jordan in third place in the 1984 draft. They were able to do it because the first two chose two pivots, Olajuwon and Bowie, who were the most valuable type of player at the time. Despite this, they were not the only teams behind MJ. The Sixers and the Mavs, who ended up making exchanges to take picks 4 and 5 of the draft, they made offers to the United Center to take Jordan.

It was Rod Thorn, the former Bulls GM, who unveiled the offers on David Kaplan’s radio show: “The Sixers made a very strong offer for Michael. Dallas made a strong offer for Michael.”

This is how Thorn explains why he chose Jordan: “We saw tapes of all the players and the year Jordan appeared I saw his tape and it was the best of all. I told Dean Smith (the North Carolina coach) and told him that I He seemed the best he had ever seen, what did he think? “

This replied: “Our style in North Carolina is not to advertise, he is simply the most talented player I have ever had.”

Thus, despite the succulent offers that came to the Bulls table from the Mavs and Sixers, they ended up choosing Jordan, something that forever changed the history of the franchise.

The Mavericks ended up choosing Sam Perkins in fourth place after a deal with the Clippers and Philadelphia chose Charles Barkley via LA Clippers. It wasn’t bad, but the jackpot went to the Bulls.