The Marvel role that the protagonist of Mortal Kombat wanted

British actor Lewis tan, protagonist of Mortal Kombat, did the casting for a leading role in Marvel studios.

At 34, the career of the English actor, Lewis tan, future protagonist of Mortal Kombat, has been characterized by flashes, among which stand out its participation in series, mainly. However, he tried to take over the role of Shang-chi, protagonist of the next film by Marvel studios.

The artist arrived with some scrolls to the audition, as he has been part of the cast of productions such as CSI, NCIS or Hawaii Five-0. But, this is not the most curious thing, but he has also been with Marvel before, and not just once.

Tan was in the cast of the series of Netflix from Iron fist, embodying Zhou Cheng, one of the enemies of Danny rand. His appearance was limited to a single episode.

In addition, he himself was the one who played Broken Star in Deadpool 2. In the comics this character is well known and in several titles he has had relevance. However, in the film starring Ryan reynolds, only had a cameo, being part of the team formed by Deadpool.

But this was not worth the interpreter to stay with the main role in the Legend of the Ten Rings, losing it to Simu liu.

Lewis recounted the experience of his failure related to this opportunity

“I just lost a crazy job, a very, very high level job. I heard that news on a plane at Japan and I was, like, devastated, ”he commented.

However, his misery was short-lived.

“I went back and then headed to Nashville, Tennessee, to compete with cars in NASCAR. I thought: Maybe I’m the first Asian person to be in this place before. ‘

“All of a sudden I got a phone call saying I got the role in Mortal Kombat, I was supposed to drive a car that day and I ended up not doing it. I need to be safe now because I have an opportunity, “he said in conversation with ET.

Lewis Tan to play Cole Young in Mortal KombatLewis Tan will be Cole Young in the new Mortal Kombat adaptation

Lewis Tan will play Cole Young, a character created for the Mortal Kombat feature film, who will be the main character in it. The delivery promises to be violent, like its version for the consoles.