‘The Marksman (The protector)’, action film by Liam Neeson, the highest grossing indie proposal of the year in the United States

‘The Marksman’, the umpteenth action proposal spearheaded by Liam Neeson, it has become the highest grossing indie film so far this year, at least in terms of the domestic market. In other words, in the United States, this film, directed by Robert Lorenz, seems to have had no rival, since it is well above the proceeds of other productions that play on the same terrain, cHow the Oscar nominees’ Minari might be considered. Story of my family ‘or’ Nomadland ‘.

In addition, the merit is greater if we put these more than positive data into perspective. recalling that North American cinemas have been closed for most of the pandemicIn fact, less than a month ago Neeson himself celebrated that his film was finally reaching New York theaters with a surprise for his fans. And is that the actor decided to go to the theaters to welcome all those spectators who decided to take advantage of the reopening to see ‘The Marksman (The protector)’, something that this actor highlights as one of those “to remember” experiences.

We do not know to what extent this idea of ​​Neeson has been able to influence the final box office, but the truth is that hehe nearly 15 million dollars raised by his film in the United States alone, represents a tremendous triumph. This not inconsiderable figure places the film in sixth place in the domestic box office, only behind major productions such as’ The Croods: A new era ‘,’ Godzilla vs. Kong ‘or’ Tom and Jerry ‘.

Total machine

In the international market Neeson has not had as much pull with ‘The Marksman (The protector)’, getting only a little more than six million in the rest of the world, but at home he has hit it. So much so that it has left behind the aforementioned and applauded favorites in the awards race. And it is that ‘Minari’ has been left behind with a collection of 1.6 million, the same thing that has happened to ‘Nomadland’ with its 1.3. With these results It is not surprising that Netflix is ​​willing to pay a penny to acquire the rights to ‘The Ice Road’, which could be the last action adventure starring this actor who has ended up making a name for himself within the genre.