The Atlético de Madrid It exercises thinking about the return of the competition but in the offices, it also works to give out to those players who have not finished performing as expected. Many of them have earned it, but it is true that others have not had the necessary minutes to demonstrate their worth. Who are they and how much should they be paid for?

1. Adam – 8.5 million euros

Atletico Madrid v Seville – La Liga Santander

It is not easy to be the substitute for the best goalkeeper in the world. Adam has assumed his role and knows that the only competition he has left to play is the Copa del Rey. Oblak is decisive in the games he plays, not so the Madrid player who in the only game he played did not stop what came to his door. Atlético are already looking for a substitute goalkeeper for guarantees. Its value should be 8.5 million euros.

2. Vrsaljko – € 12 million

Atletico de Madrid Training Session

Although the games he has played this season have done well, it does not reach the level that Atlético de Madrid demands. The Croatian arrived in the summer of 2017 and has not fulfilled what was expected. The value of Vrsaljko is in the 12 million euros.

3. Herrera – 20 million euros

Atletico Madrid Players Return To Training Following Coronavirus Lockdown

In this case we are talking about a footballer who It is not on the exit ramp but that Atlético does not see with bad eyes to get rid of if a good offer arrives. He is 30 years old and perhaps that will make his price drop. Value: 20 million euros.

4. Lemar – 40 million euros

Club Atletico de Madrid v CD Leganes – La Liga

Since his first match, the European Super Cup against Real Madrid, has not been the same. That match amazed the fans, but since then, the 70 million euros paid by him have been decreasing in value. It is the main sales objective. Its value should be 40 million euros.

5. Diego Costa – 20 million euros

Atletico Madrid Players Return To Training Following Coronavirus Lockdown

It is undoubtedly the sale that hurts the Atlético de Madrid fans the most, but, along with Lemar’s, the main one to undertake. It would free up a lot of salary and sports space, since having Costa implies commitment to him for everything he has given the club. It is not a shadow of what it was at Atleti. Value: 20 million euros.

6. Vitolo – € 20 million

Club Atletico de Madrid v Villarreal CF – La Liga

Like Herrera, Vitolo is not 100% on the exit ramp but, if a good offer came for him, it would be heard. Its value would be close to 20 million euros.