The mariachi unites them! Carlos Rivera and Maluma launch “100 años”

The mariachi unites them!  Carlos Rivera and Maluma launch

The mariachi unites them! Carlos Rivera and Maluma launch “100 years” | Instagram

For the first time, the interpreter Carlos Rivera will star in a duet with the Colombian artist Maluma with the theme “100 years“in an attempt to revive one of the most representative genres of Mexico and which lost some relevance.

The artist Carlos Rivera He dusted off his charro suit, which he now says is “much tighter” on him and with that he is ready to return to vernacular music after ten years, as well as the reactions it may cause from his faithful followers.

You already know that I put the song to you and you whatever you want, said the Mexican singer and interpreter of “What is ours to stay ours”.

The artist highlights the importance of mariachi in Mexican culture, which has led him to be inspired to interpret one of the classic songs

Being Mexicans, mariachi is in our blood and I always want to sing it, so this was a good excuse to return to the genre, in fact, the costume I used for the video is one of mine that I have had for 10 years, I was 10 Years without putting it on, I still had it and that was a good thing, more than the charro suits are tight (laughs) ”, he says.

In the same way, the driver’s boyfriend Cynthia Rodriguez He expressed that the resurgence of these themes allows such a traditional genre not to decline and that new generations get to know the cultural richness of Mexico, so he decided to join forces with one of the greatest reggaeton interpreters, Maluma.

It is good to return to our roots and on the other hand, Colombia is a country that loves ranchero music, there are artists who record ranchera music, so I think it is very proud that artists from other countries want to sing it and join our party, to our way of feeling and living music, he says.

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Unfortunately, the former academic pointed out, it is one of the genres that is taken very little into account, for this reason he has undertaken a personal struggle.

It is said that culture is not essential for life and for survival, however, what do we do to avoid going crazy? We listen to music, we watch TV series, we are trying to see even the streams of the plays, because if not, what would become of us? We would go crazy! We would have to give that value to culture, I think that is very important and it begins with ourselves to try to revalue, to bring, to give work when possible.

As for Maluma, this would be a totally new experience as he has never recorded mariachi, however, Colombia is one of the biggest fans of regional Mexican music.

Colombia is a country that loves ranchera music, it makes us proud that artists from other countries want to join our party ”Carlos Rivera, singer.

On the other hand, the Mexican and music star addressed the severe crisis that has hit the entertainment industry, where spaces such as music have suffered the consequences of this pandemic.

It is a very difficult year, the music industry is one of those that has suffered the most, there are no spaces, the theaters are at 30% (of their capacity), obviously we don’t even talk about concerts. It is super sad to see that there is no place where the music can continue to sound, like the Garibaldi musicians, who are having a really bad time ”, he deepens.

Rivera himself confirmed that due to the outbreak he had to cancel his participation in the Latin Grammys after a member of his staff tested positive for the virus, the “current situation is complicated,” he acknowledged.

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Where to listen to the version of Carlos Rivera and Maluma?

The song “100 years” will be available from this Thursday, November 19, on all digital platforms, the interpreter and co-coach of Laura Paussini in “La Voz España” points out that he hopes that this song will be placed among the favorites During these parties and when the crisis passes, everyone sing and dance.

As soon as everything happens, I hope that mariachis are hired, people go to concerts and we recover this industry that fills with pride, that is of our vernacular genre, that it becomes global, says Rivera.