The MARCA Challenge brought together the promises in Valencia

MARCA’s new appointment with training tennis took place in Valencia hand in hand, as always, with the Professional Tennis Registry. Organized at the Valencia Tennis Center, with the Saladar Sports Club as a sub-venue, the second test of the RPT National Circuit – MARCA Challenge by Wilson – Tennis Point again brought together the categories: U12 + U14 + U16 + U18. There were no less than 450 players, a new call record, the participants in the tournament.

The results have been the following:

U18 Men’s Final: N. Serra (4) beats A. Beneyto (9) by 6/1 6/0

U18 Women’s Final: L. Amurrio (1) beats M. Andrienko by 6/3 6/1

U16 Men’s Final: M. Alvarez (2) defeats J. Hernndez (7) by 7/6 6/3

U16 Women’s Final: S. Alejo (3) beat C. Aparisi (4) 6/4 2/6 7/6

U14 Men’s Final: V. Gonzlez-Galio (1) beats G. Vedia by 6/3 7/6

U14 Women’s Final: A. Gonzlez-Galio (1) beats H. Hafez (7) by 6/3 6/2

U12 Men’s Final: J. Drone (4) beat J. Climent (1) by 6/4 6/2

U12 Women’s Final: E. Khabibullina (1) beats A. Monlleo (2) by 7/5 1/6 7/6

In this way, with almost half a thousand players, this second edition of the RPT – MARCA Challenge culminates the bet of the Professional Tennis Registry to continue promoting Spanish youth tennis. This bet of Luis Mediero, with the help of Gins Prez, Carlos Bert and Fernando blond, Next to the Tennis Federation of the Valencian Community, it couldn’t have been better.

The Circuit, which will have 4 editions during 2021, is now moving tol RACE Club of Madrid where the third test of the RPT National Circuit – MARCA Challenge by Wilson – Tennis Point, with all youth categories: U12 + U14 + U16 + U18, from May 31 to June 6. The preliminary phase will be played on May 29 and 30. Do not stay out. Registration closes on May 24 at 9:00 p.m.

The RProfessional Tennis Minister, the oldest and largest promoter of Youth Tennis in Spain, organizes the RPT National Circuit – MARCA by Wilson – Tennis Point, to count during 2021 with 45 tests, with the support of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, together with the collaboration of HdI, NH hotels, NutriSport & IBP Uniuso.