The MaravillaBox evening on September 18 takes shape

Darío Pérez
@ Ringsider2020

The gala that will offer us the third fight of Sergio «Maravilla» Martínez (53-3-2, 30 KO) after his return he is defining. There will be, in principle, four professional fights that the promoter of the former world champion will present on September 18 in the Valdemoro bullring (Madrid).

Apart from Martinez’s fight against the former British world challenger Brian rose (32-6-1, 8 KO), we can see the European Flyweight Championship. Two Spaniards will dispute it, Angel Moreno (21-4-2, 6 KO) and Juan Hinostroza (10-9-1, 5 KO), a duel expected for years and with the incentive of the continental scepter, which will place the winner in privileged positions within the world lists of the category.

These two highlights will be joined by two new signings of the promoter in the field of rented boxing. Adrian Torres (2-1, 1 KO) will make his fourth fight as a professional, after a year and a half inactive. He will seek to continue on the good path, after a debut in which physical problems in the biceps caused him the defeat. Finally, a real debut, that of Iker Fernandez, who will go from the hand of MaravillaBox to boxing without a shirt with many hopes placed in him.

The run-up to these four fights will be of great appeal to fans of new technologies, since there have been amateur contests with media protagonists from the Internet world. They will be amateur boxing matches with the usual rules in any evening with this type of lawsuits and federative judges, not exhibitions with different rules.

The event can be seen in Spain, according to Oscar Zardaín, the promoter’s manager. However, the format is what is being decided: it could be on regular television or making use of new media on the Internet, as happened with the YouTuber exhibition that took place a few months ago in our country.

The complete talk with Óscar Zardaín can be seen from two hours and twenty-eight minutes of the following video.

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