‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’, sweetened sci-fi from Amazon Prime Video

Between the premieres of Amazon Prime Video for this month of February 2021 is The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. I used a tape directed by Ian Samuels, based on the homonymous story by Lev Grossman. The feature film stars Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is based on a premise known from fiction: a loop in time that makes a character, in this case two, live one day over and over again. Yes, like Spell of Time, the famous movie starring Bill Murray directed by Harold Ramis. This obligatory reference in this type of tape is even mentioned in this premiere movie on Amazon Prime.

Here we review what we found The Map of Tiny Perfect Things without spoilers.

Sci-fi pastel and sweetened

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

One of the wonders of science fiction is its wide spectrum of expression, from humorous science fiction, to the purest and hardest. In this case, the base of the time loop is used and from now on it concentrates on telling a story of adolescent romance, of reflection on, as its title says, the little things that make up life.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a pastel-colored feature film, from his photography, his color palette, his soundtrack. Everything in this film transits that tone, even bordering on cheesy. Perhaps the younger audience will find the story and the way to tell this beautiful story more attractive (because it is). However, there will be a larger, or perhaps darker, audience that does not enjoy the jovial and wildly innocent tone of this film.

One of the strengths of The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is its agile and entertaining storytelling. When we least imagine we are already immersed in the time loop without further explanation. Then he wraps us in his pretty shots, honeyed folk music and hipster costumes, and we discover that half a movie has passed. Towards the end, moreover, the story takes advantage of itself and capitalizes on its own clues, elements, and breadcrumbs that it leaves behind.

Love in ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Both leads, Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton, who play Mark and Margaret, respectively, look perfect on screen.. Their roles are charming in many ways, and on screen their chemistry is compelling and endearing. In addition, the script prepares a little surprise for us and leads us to see the plot in a different way. This twist is sweet, like the whole movie, and very clever.

This production brings the Spell of Time to the table on several occasions. In a way it seems a tribute to the 1993 film. Love, friendship and other complex issues are addressed despite the innocent tone that is maintained throughout the film.

Although the treatment of The Map of Tiny Perfect Things may not be to everyone’s taste. The truth is that it is an impeccable film in many technical and narrative senses. Of course, he does not get his hands dirty, or his feet, or anything with deeper dramas or darkness. Travel a path of pastel colors, adolescent love, chords in minor tones with melancholic rhythms. It proposes a touch of drama that, when viewed well, looks stronger in contrast to the rest of the story. It solves well and leaves us a taste perhaps too sweet for some, but a sweet taste nonetheless in such a complex and alert world.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is now available to all Amazon Prime Video subscribers since February 12.

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