The manga revealed some new Dragon Balls and they work totally different from anything we had seen

The start of the new arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga looks quite promising. In the first few changes, Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro put aside the filler chapters and immediately put the characters in function. Consequently, the appearance of Granola is revealing information never seen before. As the example of new dragon balls, something totally different.


Goku Y Vegeta they are, as usual, training on the planet of the god of destruction. There they are accompanied by Bills Y Whis. However, this new training has something different. There is a new technique in the middle that many of us want to know.

But in the case of Granola, at last much more was known about its planet of origin: planet Cereal. It was already known that Saiyans they had completely destroyed him and also exterminated almost his entire race: the Ceresians. But now there is a very interesting addition.

On this planet two races of intelligent beings shared their territory. And the latter are closely linked to the dragon balls. In fact, they are the creators of the series’ historical artifacts. Yes, we are talking about the Namekuseins.

The Nameks and the Dragon Balls

Ceresians Y Namek they shared the planet where the Dragon Balls still exist. In fact, of each one of the races of the Cereal planet only one specimen remains. It is about Granola and a kind of Grand Patriarch whom Granola calls Grandfather.

In the conversation between the two it is detailed that they have a dragon ball, that of a star. At that moment we all thought: « well, he has six to go. » Surprise for the followers, there are only two.

Just as you are reading it. These spheres are only two and they are very small. Throughout the series we have seen those of the Earth, of normal size. Those of the planet Namek, gigantic and heavy, and we count those of Dragon Ball GT, although they are not part of the canon.

They all agreed that there were seven of them, regardless of size or brightness. On the cereal planet there are only two and difficult to get because there is no dragon radar. However, Granola gets it and manages to summon this new Shenlong. He makes a wish and just then the episode ends.

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