‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘Star Wars: Rebels’: the point of union between both stories is much more obvious than it seems

Din Djarin has a clear mission in the second season of The Mandalorian: to bring the boy with “his own kind”, which implies a journey through the known universe and apparently under the control of the Republic. With good sense, the Mandalorian assumes that while it is unlikely that he will run into any of the biological race of the creature, if i can find the jedi they met and they were led for a considerable amount of time by Master Yoda.

But after the purge carried out by Darth Vader and Palpatine, the number of force-sensitive warriors dwindled enough that their mere presence was a rarity. So Din Djarin has a journey ahead of him to perhaps Luke Skywalker’s first – and unsuccessful – attempt to regain the order. Or even, a much more interesting place that would take you directly to the universe of another of the most famous series of the Intergalactic saga: Command could find Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels.

As the final trailer for the season made clear: Mando’s keen practicality led him to a basic conclusion. The easiest way to find a Jedi is through other Mandalorians, with whom his tribe fought for centuries and who undoubtedly could have many more clues than himself about the whereabouts of the Jedi. And that brings us directly to characters from The Clone Wars and Rebels. In the third chapter, as expected, the extraordinary Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) made her triumphant appearance – never used the phrase better – which connects The Mandalorian with much of the animated universe of the franchise.

To give a bit of context: the last time we heard from Bo-Katan she was holding the Darksaber and became the ruler – provisional – of Mandalore. As you will recall, the leader of the Night Owls and a prominent member of the Death Watch, had a prominent role in the confrontation against the Empire, Furthermore, during the Clone Wars, Bo-Katan’s sister, Satine Kryze, ruled as Duchess of Mandalore, which made her rule more or less legitimate.

Of course, if you remember the last chapters of the first season of The Mandalorian, you already know that the Darksaber is now in the hands of the evil Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), which is to provide a considerable backstory to the appearance of Bo-Katan. .

Also, predictably and after preventing Mando and El Niño from suffering an ignominious death on the high seas, Bo-Katan became the vehicle that will take Mando to the right place to find a Jedi or at least enough information. on the particular. Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), Padawan of the late Anakin Skywalker and who could not only have all the necessary information about the Jedi, but help Mando with something more important: what to do with El Niño, turned into a disputed object – and by dark motives – of a good number of characters in the series.

And this is when all the threads intersect: as you may recall, the Rebels series finale chronicled Ahsoka joining the Mandalorian Sabine Wren on a quest to find the missing Jedi Ezra Bridger. The last anyone saw of him (outside of a recording) was when he disappeared into an unknown place in the galaxy along with Thrawn, which of course, it makes the search desperate and most likely urgent.

So now with the appearance of Bo-Katan, the possible arrival of Ahsoka, and Mando’s self-imposed mission to find a Jedi to whom he can safely deliver Baby Yoda, they are all heading to the same place and on the same mission.

All roads lead to the Jedi

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The whereabouts and fate of Ezra Bridger is undoubtedly one of the greatest mysteries in the Star Wars Universe at this time and also the point of union of two of its most important stories. Mando’s quest to leave Baby Yoda with a Jedi could finally give fans the answers they’re looking for about Ezra and complete the Rebels storyline in a satisfying way.

And doing it in a way that would have huge ramifications for both the characters and the franchise, which could also open up all kinds of possibilities when it comes to amalgamating the stories of the intergalactic saga lines.

If the above theory is true – and it likely is – The Mandalorian would link its entire history to both Rebels and The Clone Wars, both animated series packed with a host of extraordinary characters who could sustain the speech of the flagship live action of Disney Plus. With Dave Filoni – creator of both shows – being one of the producers of The Mandalorian, The possibility that these connections is very high and in fact, they have already started to happen.

And what could happen to Mando’s mission to deliver the boy to a Jedi? The mere fact of the existence of another force-sensitive creature could allow Ezra the opportunity to continue the great Jedi tradition of training his own Padawan, in the same way that he was trained by Kanan Jarrus.

And his student – who by now is “barely” fifty years old “could live another 850 years, which could be the link between The Mandalorian and whatever happens in the future of the saga and the franchise from now. A similar idea makes the importance of the chain’s live action series increasingly important and that even, came to have a direct connection with the Skywalker.

And it’s not like The Mandalorian has to rush to find Ezra. The show’s eight-episode seasons, including plenty of indie adventures, means you can take your time even join the search for Ezra, unfinished and could literally lead to the other side of the outer edge.

The second season could focus on that Mando find the people you need to begin your Jedi quest. That might be the best part of this theory. We want to meet Ezra Bridger as much as his friends. And the show could finally bring it back and give us closure, which could be perhaps the most brilliant device to sustain The Mandalorian’s narrative, as a solid, grown-up plot that opens the door to another dimension of Star Wars.

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