The Management Board of Barça fires Carlos Rexach after 54 years at the club

The Management Board of Barcelona, who is temporarily chaired by Carles Tusquets, has made the surprising decision to fire Carlos Rexach, as reported this Monday by La Vanguardia. Rexach, a living legend of Barça, He had been linked to the Barça club for 54 years in almost all positions: player, coach, technical secretary and advisor to the president.

The interim president of Barcelona, Carles Tusquets, has made the decision to terminate Carlos Rexach’s contract, who held an advisory position to the president. The dismissal of Rexach is more than surprising, since the statutes of the Barça club make it clear that the Management Committee should intervene as little as possible in the decisions to be made by the club until the elections of January 24.

Carlos Rexach had been linked to Barcelona for no less than 54 years, 44 of them consecutively between 1965 and 2003. Charly played 16 seasons and played 449 games for Barcelona. In 1981 he joined the coaching staff to direct lower-level teams, was the right hand of Johan Cruyff and key in the construction of the Dream Team that won the first Champions League of the history of Barça.

The legend of ‘Charly’ Rexach

The decision to dismiss Carlos Rexach cannot be explained, in any way, for the reasons why Tusquets fired Jaume Masferrer, another of Bartomeu’s advisers and possible Barçagate manager. The dismissal of Rexach is only understood for exclusively economic reasons.

The cases, however, are diametrically opposite. While Masferrer was still an employee of the club whose practices are under suspicion, Carlos Rexach is a legend in Barça. His dismissal is simply inexplicable and is a clear example of the situation of almost irreversible institutional deterioration that Barcelona is experiencing.