The man who sold a kidney to buy an iPhone 4 can’t get out of bed

For most, doing anything for an Apple iPhone may mean saving for a while or stopping buying something else to get one of these devices. But nine years ago, a teenager took this expression to another level when sell one of your organs to buy an iPhone 4.

Iphone 4Iphone 4

At the time, the controversial news went around the world and fortunately no similar cases were knownUntil now, when Wang Shangku’s condition made headlines again, in a post from Vice.

A young man suffers the consequences of having done “everything” for an iPhone

When young Chinese Wang Shangku was 17, he responded to a website ad, accepting an offer to sell one of his kidneys for 20,000 yuan, at the time the equivalent of $ 3,273. He, then a teenager, thought to fulfill his dream of buy an iPhone 4 and an iPad.

Despite the delicate operation, everything seemed to have gone perfectly. And as he had planned, Shangkun acquired both devices. However, the recovery did not go as expected and a few months after the surgery, Wang developed an infection in the other kidney and ultimately resulted in organ failure.

iPhone 4 young kidneyA young man sold his kidney for an iPhone 4. Photo: Vice

As it became known back then, when he returned home with his new Apple devices his mother was suspicious and forced him to confess. Later, nine people involved in the operation were arrested and since then five have been charged with intentional injury and organ trafficking.

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Over the years, his condition became so severe that he was unable to get out of bed and required daily dialysis to cleanse his blood of toxins. Nine years later, a Chinese publication updated his health status, predicting that the 25-year-old will stay in bed for the rest of his life.

According to the same source, doctors have said that Wang could probably now use a transplant of his ownAlthough this would cost about $ 300,000 on the black market, almost 80 times what Wang got for his.

All for an iPhone?

Perhaps no case compares with the action of this young man who sold one of his organs. However, like almost no other company, Apple has become a necessity for technology consumers and those who expect take advantage of any opportunity.

In recent years, stories of those willing to sacrifice even their freedom for committing crimes with signature devices. Recently, Russia’s largest airline was involved in $ 50 million in iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad traffic.

And it is that incredibly, there are those who are willing to do anything for a device with the Apple logo.