The Malaga Festival 2021 presents its official poster

The Malaga Festival 2021 chooses its official poster, a work by Ramiro Guevara entitled ‘Luz de Málaga’ The next edition of the contest will be held between June 4 and 13

Next June 4 will start the 24th edition of the Malaga Festival, which will last until the 13th of the same month. The contest has already presented, among more than 135 proposals, what will be the official poster, the author’s work Ramiro Guevara and what is the title ‘Light of Malaga’.

Ramiro himself explains that “the visual concept originates with a beam of light that continually expands from its origin, Malaga. The image is constructed from a set of concentric white lines that partially delineate a first sphere. This first flash is a starting point from which successive rings of colors, shapes and contrasts are released, until the area is surpassed, giving the sensation of an effect of lights that transcends space and time. This projection generates the visual experience of a Light of Malaga, unique, continuous and infinite, which is expressed with animated lines of multiple colors, movements, sounds and rhythms, recreating a space that grows without borders, that speaks of diversity, of celebration and meeting. The image refers to the audiovisual, to creation, to art, to the constant technological transformation of these times, to artistic processes and their science ”.

As in 2020, the year in which ‘The girls’ by Pilar Palomero triumphed, the contest will be held in person, complying with the security measures that the health authorities deem appropriate at that time.

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