“The majority are ‘rabble’ who neither study, nor work, nor are they expected”

The Secretary General of VOX and spokesperson for the Madrid City Council, Javier Ortega Smith, has arrived in Vallecas escorted by the Police, and charging at the people who had come to the so-called ‘Red Square’ from the Madrid neighborhood in protest of the pre-campaign event organized by Vox.

Upon arrival, the tension between the police, protesters and supporters of Santiago Abascal’s party was increasingly latent and growing. Had already been produced various episodes of boos between one side, who shouted “fascists out of our neighborhoods” and the other, who responded by crying out “freedom.”

Visibly angered by the situation that hampered the entire act, Smith has assured that most of the protesters are “rabble” that “neither study, nor work, nor are they expected.”

“It is a neighborhood that is characterized in Madrid by hardworking people, who know what it is to get up early, sweat, earn a job … and all these totalitarian ‘apprentices’ come to tell them what to do“, he has sentenced.

Next, the secretary general of Vox has added: “Most of those who are here, if we asked for their curriculum (from the protesters), neither study, nor work, nor are they expected”, it is finished.