The majestic images of frozen Niagara Falls

The cold wave that shakes the north of U.S in recent days it is leaving spectacular images. The extreme cold and snowstorm has frozen the Niagara Falls, buried under a white blanket that covers the force of the waterfalls after several days below zero.

Ice and rainbows have formed an impressive scenery that has captivated tourists who avoid the low temperatures to portray the phenomenon.

From daring stalactites, to eternal lakes where the ice sheets gain ground to the powerful waters, the Niagara Falls also present an impressive dance of colors. An even more powerful image as the mist from the water instantly freezes in contact with the cold.

However, the phenomenon is not exceptional: already in 2019, an Arctic storm froze the falls. Then temperatures were recorded that reached up to 40 degrees below zero.

Extreme cold wave in the United States

But the majestic portrait of Niagara Falls is not the only effect of the cold touring the United States in the last week.

Low temperatures have taken their toll the life of a score of people just between the north of Mexico and the south of the country. Millions of citizens have been left without electricity and airlines have had to cancel thousands of flights.

The polar cold has been especially hard on Texas, a state that the president, Joe Biden, declared a catastrophic zone on Saturday. There have been temperatures not seen in centuries: -18ºC in Oklahoma City (the lowest since 1889) and -24ºC in Dallas, the lowest since 1930.

Other territories like Tennessee or North Carolina they have suffered the consequences of winter, with tornadoes, storms and their consequent blackouts and economic losses.

The US authorities estimate that the storm could reach affect more than 200 million people.