Video of the April 22 ministerial meeting brings a series of controversial statements by the president and members of the government, including calls for changes in environmental law and attacks on government officials, the Supreme Court and the press. The video of the ministerial meeting on April 22, made public by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Celso de Mello this Friday (05/22), reinforces the accusation of ex-minister Sergio Moro that President Jair Bolsonaro tried to interfere in the Federal Police (PF) and brings a series of controversial statements on other topics, both by Bolsonaro and ministers.

Video of the meeting is key in the investigation that investigates attempted interference with the Federal Police

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The meeting, which was also attended by Vice President Hamilton Mourão and other officials, was fraught with profanity, curses and attacks on other branches of government and government officials, including requests for arrest of mayors, governors and members of the Supreme Court. The covid-19 epidemic, which at that time had already left thousands of infected and dead, was treated only laterally.

According to Moro, the recording would serve as proof that Bolsonaro tried to interfere politically in the PF. Disputes over the replacement of the then general director of the corporation, Mauricio Valeixo, and the appointment to superintendence of the body in Rio de Janeiro resulted in the resignation of the then Minister of Justice, who launched the accusation against the president when announcing his resignation.

The video of the meeting, delivered by the government to the Supreme Court, is key in the inquiry opened by the Supreme Court at the request of the Attorney General, Augusto Aras, to investigate the statements made by Moro and the alleged attempt at political interference by the president.

The images show that Bolsonaro was dissatisfied with the Federal Police and reveal the president’s wishes to protect his children, brothers and friends. While the representative’s defense insists that the concern is around the safety of family members, Moro said in a statement that Bolsonaro was concerned about ongoing investigations that would affect his family, which is why the desires for exchanges in PF key posts.

In the video, the president also complained about not receiving information from the Federal Police and revealed to have a “private” information system “that works”, different from the information systems linked to official bodies, which only “misinform”.

Bolsonaro also complained to ministers about the criticism he received during the several times he disobeyed health recommendations, such as social isolation, and criticized mayors and governors who imposed containment measures against the coronavirus in their regions, accusing them of ” handcuff “the citizens at home. In this context, he said he wanted the “people to arm themselves”, as a way of ensuring that a dictatorship is not established in the country.

Check out the main parts of the meeting (the transcripts are literal):

Jair Bolsonaro

On private information system and lack of official information:

“Information systems: mine works. […] My private works. Officials … who have officially misinform. And back to … the theme: I prefer not to have information than to be misinformed by the information system that I have “

“I can’t be surprised by news. Gee, I have the PF that doesn’t give me information. I have the intelligence of the Armed Forces, that I don’t have information. Abin has his problems, I have some information. I just don’t have any more because he is missing, we really have problems, hey! Rigging etc. But we can’t live without information. “

“The strategic issue, which we are not having. And I’m sorry, our information service, everyone is a shame, a shame! That I am not informed! And I can’t work like that. It is difficult. Therefore, I will interfere! And final point, hey, it’s not a threat, it’s not an extrapolation on my part. It’s true “

About security changes:

“I already tried to change people from our security in Rio de Janeiro officially and I couldn’t do it. This is over. I won’t wait to fuck my slutty family, or my friend, because I can’t change someone from security at the end of the line that belongs to structure. Change, if you can’t change, change his boss; you can’t change the boss, change the minister. And that’s it. We’re not here to joke “

On alleged persecution of family members:

“Many will be able to leave Brazil, but I don’t want to go out and see my sister from Eldorado, another from Cajati, my poor brother, captain of the Army there in Miracatu, fuck himself! How he is being chased all the time. […] It’s whoring all the time to hit me, messing with my family “

On arming the population:

“How easy it is to impose a dictatorship in Brazil. How easy it is. The people are at home. That’s why I want, Minister of Justice and Minister of Defense, that the people arm themselves! That is the guarantee that there will be no son of a bitch show up to impose a dictatorship here! it’s easy to impose a dictatorship! very easy! a shit from a mayor makes a shit out of a decree, handcuffs, and leaves everyone inside the house. if I were a dictator, right? I wanted to disarm the population, as everyone did in the past when they wanted to, before imposing their respective dictatorship. “

“Then, which is our demonstration, I ask Fernando and Moro to please sign this ordinance today that I want to give a hell of a message to these crap! Why am I arming the people? Because I don’t I want a dictatorship! And you can’t hold on anymore! […] It is to open the arms issue here. I want everyone armed! What armed people will never be enslaved “

On the loyalty of ministers:

“Whoever does not accept mine, my flags, family, God, Brazil, armament, freedom of expression, free market … Whoever does not accept this, is in the wrong government. Wait until 22, right? Your Álvaro Dias. Wait Alckmin. Wait for Haddad. Or maybe Lula, right? And he’ll be happy with them, hey! In my government, it’s wrong! “

“And let each one do it, exercise your role. Expose yourself. Here I already said: the ministry who is praised by Folha or Globo will lose! By the Antagonist! Right? So there are certain blogs there that only have good news from the minister. I don’t know how! The president … Jair Bolsonaro … takes a beating, but the minister is praised. We see it there. ‘A, the government is, the … the ministry is doing well, despite the president.’ Fuck it! Fuck me! I climbed the team, damn it! We changed five. I hope to change nobody else! I hope! “

“You have to speak, it is not to be quiet. And whoever is right here, and all the ministers have to say that there, it is not just the Justice. Everyone has to speak. And let’s go ahead. Okay? So this is what I appeal to This concern. Wake up to politics and expose yourself, after all the government is one. And if I fall, everyone falls. Now let’s … if I have to fall one day, we will fall fighting, a fair flag. Not because of an antivirus scan bullshit, damn it. For God’s sake, damn it. Okay? “

“It is an appeal that I make to everyone who is concerned with politics, so as not to be surprised. I will not wait for the boat to start sinking to draw water. I am drawing water, and I will continue drawing water from all ministries regarding The person has to understand. If you don’t want to understand, be patient! And I have the power and I will interfere in all ministries, without exception. In the banks, I talk to Paulo Guedes, if I have to interfere. with him, zero problems with Paulo Guedes. Now the others, I will! “

About the coronavirus epidemic:

“What did these guys do with the virus, this shit from this governor of São Paulo [João Doria], this manure from Rio de Janeiro [Wilson Witzel], among others, is exactly that. They took advantage of the virus, it sucks a mayor there from Manaus now [Arthur Virgílio Neto], opening collective graves. Shit. That who does not know his story, seeks to know, that I met inside the Chamber, with him by my side! Huh?”

“And we know what … what, his ideology and what he preaches. And what he always was. What … is he taking advantage of now, a climate like this, to take terror in Brazil? Right? So , guys, please worry that there is more important, more important than the life of each one of you, which is your freedom. That jailed man is not worth a damn “

Criticisms of social isolation:

“I’m going to invite the ministers for Sunday to go to Ceilândia and Taguatinga. It’s an invitation, it’s not a mission, no. Invitation. To see how the guy is on the corner. To come and shit to talk there, right? “Ah, the guy broke the isolation. He’s setting a bad example.” Ok … lousy example is the shit, damn it! It’s worse, it’s starving! It’s fucking, smelling the smell of people, as I said there. It’s an experience for every politician to feel! the business”

About the military dictatorship:

“I’m seeing the oldest here, General Heleno here. He knows what half is four, what was half four. Many here don’t know. This bunch that tried to get to power in half four, if … if he had when we arrived, we were fucking everyone here. Cutting … I would be very happy if I had cut cane, earning US $ 20 a month. You can’t forget that. We can’t forget what these people are “

Abraham Weintraub, Minister of Education

Criticisms to the STF:

“We are losing the fight for freedom. This is what the people are shouting. They are not shouting for more State, for more projects, for more … people are shouting for freedom, period. I think it is this is what we’re missing, really losing. People are wanting to see what brought me here [ao governo]. I, myself, put these vagabonds all in jail. Starting at STF. And this is what shocks me “

Criticism of other members of the government:

“I really think that all this discussion of ‘let’s do this’, ‘let’s do that’, I heard many ministers I saw … arrived, left. I realize that there are a lot of people with their own agenda. , there is the game that is played here, but I didn’t come to play the game. I came here to fight. And I fight and I get ironed. I have a lot of process here on the Presidency Ethics Committee. that took the process here. This is absurd what’s happening here in Brazil “

Criticisms of indigenous peoples:

“I hate the term ‘indigenous peoples’, I hate that term. I hate it. The ‘gipsy people’. There is only one people in this country. They want, want. They don’t want to go backwards. They are Brazilian people, they only have one people. black, may be white, may be Japanese, may be of Indian descent, but it has to be Brazilian, damn it! End this business of people and privileges. There can only be one people “

Ricardo Salles, Minister of the Environment

On taking advantage of pandemic attention to change environmental rules:

“We have the possibility at this moment that the attention of the press is turned almost exclusively to covid-19 […] The opportunity that we have, that the press is giving us a little relief on other issues, is to pass the infralegal reforms of deregulation, simplification, all the reforms that the whole world […] charged Paulo [Guedes, ministro da Economia], charged Teresa [Cristina, ministra da Agricultura], charged Tarcísio [Gomes de Freitas, ministro da Infraestrutura], demanded from everyone, legal security, predictability, simplification “

“In this aspect, I think that the Environment is the most difficult, to pass any infralegal change in terms of normative instruction and ordinance, because everything we do is stick to the Judiciary the next day. So for that we need to make an effort here while we are at this moment of tranquility in terms of press coverage, because it only talks about covid-19, and go on passing the cattle and changing all the rules and simplifying rules. From Iphan, from the Ministry of Agriculture, from the Ministry of the Environment, from the ministry of this, of ministry of that. Now it’s time to join efforts […]. It is regulatory that we need, in all aspects “

Damares Alves, Minister for Women, Family and Human Rights

On values ​​and abortion:

“We are going to have to do some public policy reviews in Brazil, so please, minister, put the question of values ​​there. And when I say values ​​there, I want to look at our new Minister here for Health [Nelson Teich na ocasião] and say: minister, values ​​are there in your ministry too “

“In this pandemic moment, we are seeing the STF’s clowning bringing abortion back on the agenda, and there was the question of … the women who are victims of the Zika virus will abort, and now it comes from the coronavirus? who will want to release that everyone who has had a coronavirus will be able to abort in Brazil? Will they release general? Your ministry, minister, is full of feminists who have a unique agenda that is the release of abortion. I want to remind you, minister, that it is coming now , this government is a pro-life government, a pro-family government. So, please. And when we talk about values, Minister, I mean that we were, yes, on the right path “

About coronavirus in the Amazon:

“We received the news that there would be criminal contamination in Roraima and the Amazon, on purpose, in Indians, to decimate the entire villages and peoples to put on President Bolsonaro’s back. I had to go there with the president of Funai and I met with generals of the region and the Federal Police superintendent, so that we could take action there, kind of confidential, because they needed to kill more Indians to say that our policy was not working. So, what we were doing was working. we are doing is working “

On human rights violations:

“There has never been so much violation of rights in Brazil as in this period. Fundamental rights have been violated. In our” Dial 100 “there are more than five thousand records, ministers, of human rights violations. But you have a Minister of Human Rights and a very brave team. There are more than five thousand procedures and actions that are being built. Governors and mayors will answer the process “

“The elderly are being handcuffed and thrown into trucks in Brazil. Women being thrown on the floor and being handcuffed for doing nothing … done nothing. We are seeing priests being fined R $ 90,000 because they were inside the church with two The biggest human rights violation in the history of Brazil in the last thirty years is happening right now, but we are taking action “

Requests for arrest of governors and mayors:

“The pandemic will pass, but governors and mayors will respond to lawsuits and we will even ask for the arrest of governors and mayors. And we are raising the tone and speeches are coming. Our ministry will start to get tough with governors and mayors. We have never seen the that is happening today. […] The biggest breaches are happening these days. So, we are doing a confrontation, more than five procedures our ministry has already taken the initiative and we are asking for the arrest of some governors “

Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy

About selling Banco do Brasil:

“Banco do Brasil is neither an armadillo nor a snake. Because it is neither private nor public. So if you are going to press Rubem [Novaes, presidente do Banco do Brasil], poor thing. He’s super liberal, but if he squeezes him and says: ‘Put the interest down low’, he: ‘I can’t, but the gang, the privates, my minorities, squeeze me’. Then if you say: ‘Put the interest on high’, he: ‘I can’t, because otherwise the government will push me’. Banco do Brasil is a ready case for privatization. It is a ready case and we are not taking this step. Sir, you already noticed that BNDES and Caixa, which are ours, public, we do what we want. Banco do Brasil we can’t do anything and there is a liberal there. So you have to sell this shit right away “

Ernesto Araújo, Minister of Foreign Affairs

On a new world order after the pandemic:

“I am increasingly convinced that Brazil has the conditions today, has the opportunity, to sit at the table of four, five, six countries that will define the new world order. […] Just as there was a Security Council that defined the world order after World War II, there will be a kind of new Security Council and we have, this time, the opportunity to be in it and believe in the possibility of Brazil influencing in order to help formatting a new scenario “

“And this scenario, I think it has to take into account the following: we are there reviewing the last thirty years of globalization. There will be a new globalization. What happened in those thirty years? It was a globalization that was blind to the theme of values, for the theme of democracy, of freedom. It was a globalization that, we can see now, created a model where at the center of the international economy is a country that is not democratic, that does not respect human rights, etc. [possivelmente se referindo à China]”

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