The main news of the day in Miami and South Florida – Telemundo Miami (51)

Today is Wednesday, April 7 and these are the main news of the day:

1. A 40-year-old woman who refused to vacate her Brickell apartment without paying for two years was killed in a confrontation with the police. No one else was injured. When the officers appeared to carry out the eviction, the woman fired at them and the officers returned fire.

2. President Joe Biden announced that all adults in the country will be able to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, beginning April 19. Meanwhile, from today Westland Gardens Park, in Hialeah Gardens, will be the latest vaccination center to offer the Pfizer vaccine.

3. The Broward commission approved a proposal by Mayor Steve Geller to relax coronavirus restrictions. In phase 1, it is required that half the population has been vaccinated and that the infection rate is 5% or less for 10 days. They would eliminate social distancing at hotels, restaurants, sporting events, and house parties.

4. A Miramar truck driver, identified as Wigberto BerrĂ­os, 39, was arrested after traveling to Georgia allegedly to have sex with a minor. According to authorities, the man had sent text messages and images of sexual content to the minor. Police believe there may be more victims.

5. Caitlyn Jenner would be considering running for governor of California. Apparently she is being assisted by some political consultants. Jenner’s eventual candidacy comes before a possible recall of current Governor Gavin Newsom.