The main news of the day in Miami and South Florida – Telemundo Miami (51)

Today is Thursday, April 29 and these are the main news of the day:

1. At least five people were injured in a shooting at a northeast Miami-Dade home. Officers who came to the residence initially encountered a man and a woman, who were taken to the Ryder Trauma Center. Three others who were also shot were admitted to North Shore Hospital.

2. The Miami police officer who beat a homeless man accused of stealing a piece of chicken in a Publix was relieved of his position. The man took a piece of chicken and began to eat it on his way out. The officer intervened, pushed him, beat him and arrested him. The homeless man was charged with lesser charges and the police officer awaits the outcome of the investigation.

3. One initiative would eliminate hourly rentals at Hialeah motels, in addition to requiring customers to show identification to avoid housing minors. The idea came after a police investigation that reveals human trafficking, drugs and gang violence at those sites.

4. Tomorrow, Friday, April 30, registration for federal aid to restaurants due to the pandemic will begin. Restaurants, stalls, vans, trolleys and food services, bars, canteens, bakeries, patisseries, wine cellars, inns and hostels may apply, whose income from this concept represents at least 33 percent of the total.

5. The Miami Children’s Museum will reopen on Saturday, May 8, implementing an advanced contactless electronic ticket acquisition system that customers must obtain in advance in two-hour sessions. The visit is free for one person and up to three family members.

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