The main errors that macOS Big Sur is causing

macos 11 big surThe new macOS Big Sur

The launch of macOS Big Sur was not the one desired by Apple or by users. The system was launched last Thursday around 7:00 p.m. in Spain, however most users could not install it until much later. A serious error in Apple servers generated many delays recognized by the company.

macos 11 big surThe new macOS Big Sur

Once these initial problems are solved, Apple was able to release the update without further problems after a few hours. However, as is often the case with early updates, there are some issues that remain to be resolved.

We already told you that there are some older MacBook Pro models who are having serious problems after upgrading to Big Sur, but those were not the only errors found.

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The most common macOS Big Sur errors

In addition to the errors found with some MacBook Pro 2013 and 2014These are the most common errors found in company photos, as revealed in AppleInsider.

Big Sur connection errors with Apple Watch

Apple Watch can be used as an identification device on macOS. Instead of having to log in with our password, when wearing the Apple Watch the Mac is automatically unlocked.

Apparently there are several users who are experiencing issues with this feature after upgrading to macOS Big Sur, your Mac no longer detects the Apple Watch.

Mail problems in Big Sur

The app Mail seems to be having a lot of trouble in Big Sur. There are users with problems sending a new email, the waiting time when logging in is too long and it seems that the search is also generating errors.

MacOS Big Sur menu issues

Some problems have also been detected in the interface of macOS Big Sur. The system bets on transparencies, but it seems that not all are working properly.

MacBook with Big SurMacBook with macOS Big Sur

There are users complaining that top bar does not change color when swapping dark and light mode. And this is something that has also happened in other places such as folders.

Big Sur screensaver bugs

Some users have complained that classic screensaver doesn’t workregardless of whether you use your own photos or Apple’s photo collection

The messages app does not work well in macOS Big Sur

Messages is one of the macOS Big Sur apps that has changed the most. However, there are users who say unable to login. The app asks for your Apple ID, you log in correctly, but after about 20 seconds it asks for the identification again.

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Despite these mistakes, most users are not having problems with Big Sur. I have been using it without problems for the past week and I am in love with macOS Big Sur, especially after changing the icons that do not fit the new design.