The magician golfer: this is how Javier Báez homers [VIDEO]

Báez pulled her out for the second time this season.

Photo: Joe Sargent / Getty Images

Javier Baez He is already known as “The Magician” for the quality and ability he has when it comes to defending and playing in general. But from today we could call it “The Magician Golfer“, For the swing he made this afternoon. A swing almost identical to a shot that we would see on a course, but golf, and that was equivalent to a two-run home run.

The home run put the Chicago Cubs ahead in the top of the sixth inning. And the way he did it is admirable: Báez took the pitching practically off the ground. Wherever 99% of hitters would have let it pass, or otherwise, it would have fanned the breeze.

Báez and his most peculiar home run

It is surely the most peculiar home run that Javier Báez has given in his career. The ball he hit was just 0.86 feet above the ground, which is by far the lowest pitch he’s ever taken out of the park. It is also the sixth home run whose pitching was closest to the ground since the statistics are recorded (2008).

Báez is definitely letting the game speak for him. It was his second home run of the season, and he reached all five RBIs. The Cubs obtained their fourth victory to leave their mark in positive (4-3).