The magical connection between Adamari López’s daughter and her mare

The daughter of Adamari Lopez She is only six years old, but her experience in extracurricular activities is extensive. Her parents have enrolled her in dance, ballet gymnastics, tennis, golf and horse riding, the latter being one of his favorites , to the point that little Alaïa has established a strong connection with her mare, Rumbera. The bond between the little girl and her horse coincides with the story told in the animated film of Spirit Untamed, which opened in theaters on June 4.

Daughter of Adamari López© @ alaiaAlaïa is almost a mini rider with Rumbera

Said fiction tells of a little girl named Lucky Prescott, who meets Spirit, a wild mustang with whom she will live endless adventures, but above all, she will know the value of friendship and loyalty. Looking ahead to the premiere of the film, the daughter of Adamari López and Toni Costa is drawn to the story, since she identifies herself with Lucky Prescott and her history with Rumbera, who has been her training and competition partner for a long time. .

Isabela Merced, Eiza Gonzalez, and Jake Gyllenhaal star in new animated film 'Spirit Untamed'© Universal PicturesAlaïa is fascinated by the Spirit Untamed film

“I love it because it is the connection of a girl with her horse and they remind me a lot of what Alaïa does” said Adamari of the relationship that her daughter has established with her horse. The Hoy Día presenter commented in a segment of the program that she finds many coincidences in her daughter and Lucky’s character. “There is a similarity between the character Lucky from Spirit Untamed,” he noted. “Alaïa is adventurous like the character in the film; She likes to experiment, to live, she is passionate, she is a girl and she wants to think that she can achieve anything, that she can do everything and those are the qualities that we see in Lucky in the film, “she added.

Alaïa, who has been horse riding since she was two and a half years old, shared on camera how motivated she feels every time she rides a horse. “I am so happy when I ride Rumbera, she is one of my favorites. It gives me freedom and happiness when I ride it ”.

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