What if through sound we could create life? “That is the question that gave life to” The Lullaby of Life “, a Mexican video game that recently came to Apple Arcade.

In this video game, full of vibrant colors and relaxing sounds, the “gamers” will take the role of “BomBo”, a creature that was born from the cosmos with the power to play musical notes. To transform it into a better place, players must guide this being to every corner of the universe and, to do so, they must learn to manipulate the environment by using the internal sounds of “BomBo” in order to generate change and create life.

The idea and concept of the game was born during an event called Global Game Jam. In 2017, the team participated with that year’s theme, “waves”. Thus, the first draft of “The Lullaby of Life” was born, and although the project was on hiatus for a time, they resumed it and, after 9 months of work, the development of the project was completed.

“The challenge was to make a game that had to do with waves (or waves in English). We thought that waves are not only waves of the sea or water, but also sound and we asked ourselves’ what would happen if we could create life with sounds? ‘; this is how the first draft of what is now’ The Lullaby of Life ‘was born. This is a conceptual, exploration and adventure game; it is a game to forget a little about the problems or challenges of the day and think that you can de-stress and have a good time with an entertaining experience, “said Francisco Lara Sikorski, CEO of 1 Simple Game, the studio that developed the game.

This video game is a “contemplative adventure” where the visual and sound elements take center stage. In the visual part, the universe is created in such a way that the players do not know if they are in a microorganism or in the universe or different world. The “BomBo” universe could be a drop of water or space and its vastness.

As Lara Sikorski explained, one of the challenges of the game was to create a concept where the user did not know exactly where he is. First the visual part was developed, and then the audio. The latter also plays an important role in “The Lullaby of Life”. Combining these two aspects was challenging.

For that second aspect of the game, the team had a music composer. That is to say, the music was composed and “the sounds were made to measure” to be able to offer “gamers” an audiovisual experience “where they enjoy their time in the game”.

In addition, the visual part keeps more secrets. Besides that it is not known where the story unfolds, both the shapes and the colors have other meanings behind.

“Colors have a special meaning. The entire universe, throughout the levels, talks about evolution and life. Colors have to do both with emotions and with different elements of the periodic table. The game of colors and shapes has a lot to do with the evolution in this universe. I don’t want to spoil but the shapes of the levels, as the players progress in the game, change to give the sense of the evolution of the world; from being very geometric figures, they become to be more organic forms. This happens as the players create the life of that universe, “explained the CEO of 1 Simple Game.

1 Simple Game is the second Mexican studio to be in Apple Arcade. However, the Mexican video game industry still has challenges to overcome. When asking Francisco Lara Sorkin about the difficulties present in the Mexican video game industry, the manager mentioned that the experience is one of the most important.

Although there are Mexican developer studies with published video games, the national industry is still “a little while behind than other countries that have already experimented with more projects and already have more games released where they have been able to learn about their mistakes.”

Although 1 Simple Game had already released 4 games prior to “The Lullaby of Life”, this is their first game created for different devices. Furthermore, it is multi-input; that is to say, to play it you can use a “touchscreen, control or mouse on PC”. Which “makes the game challenging and more technically complex.”

“The requirement in Apple Arcade is high due to the level of quality they expect, apart from being multi-device. When making a game, that although they will play it on an iPhone, they will also play it on an iPad, Apple TV, Macbook or So the technical part becomes a challenge due to the lack of experience that we could have had in this type of development, I think that is a reflection of the Mexican industry where the lack of launched projects, experiences and learning is something that puts us at a disadvantage with other countries, “said the CEO of 1 Simple Game.

“The Lullaby of Life” is an exclusive game for Apple Arcade that can be played on Apple TV, Macbook, iMac, iPad and iPhone. It is an E-rated adventure, exploration and puzzle game (for everyone). It has 7 main levels; Within each of them, the “gamers” will enjoy different experiences.

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