The Lower House supports the creation of a commission to investigate the assault on the Capitol

15 minutes. The Lower House of the United States approved this Wednesday to create an independent commission of investigation into the assault on the Capitol on January 6 by the followers of former President Donald Trump.

With 252 votes in favor and 175 against, the Lower House approved this initiative that requires the uncertain approval of the Senate to materialize.

A total of 35 Republican lawmakers voted to create the commission of inquiry, despite Trump’s call to object and efforts by party leaders in Congress to prevent defections.

The commission proposal approved by the Lower House takes as a model the one established to investigate the attacks of September 11, 2001. It would consist of ten members, Equally appointed by Democrats and Republicans.

Republican Congressman John Katko and Democrat Bennie Thompson were the architects of the pact after weeks of negotiations.

However, Republican leaders in recent hours turned their backs on the proposal after first showing some ambiguity.

Republican opposition

This opposition coincided with a statement Tuesday night from Trump. urging Republican lawmakers to vote against a commission that if created, it could even call him to testify by calling it a “democratic trap”.

“Republicans must become much tougher and smarter, and stop being used by the radical left. Hopefully, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are listening!” Said the former president, referring to the leaders of the party in the Senate and the Lower House, respectively.

Both McCarthy and McConnell – who will vote when the proposal reaches the Senate but has already announced their opposition – have obeyed the order, demonstrating once again that Trump continues to guide the party’s destinies.

McConnell’s opposition is especially relevant, since in the Senate the initiative requires a majority of 60 votes to pass it, so at least 10 Republicans should support it.

At this time, it seems difficult for Republicans to have this number of defections that authorize the creation of the commission to investigate the assault on the Capitol.

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