The Lord of the Skies, Rafael Amaya reappears in Culiacán, Sinaloa

The Lord of the Skies, Rafael Amaya reappears in Culiacán, Sinaloa (AP)

The Lord of the Skies, Rafael Amaya reappears in Culiacán, Sinaloa | AP

The beloved and beautiful actor Rafael Amaya, who gave life to Aurelio Casillas in The Lord of the heavens His followers were enthusiastic about reappearing on Instagram, this time for attending a carne asada with a friend in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

The loyal fans of the star of the series Telemundo they were thrilled to see the actor again in public and see him in really good health.

As it became known, Rafael Amaya, the protagonist of El Señor de los Cielos, went to the house of his friend Willy Saldaña for a private meeting, a roast beef and it was there that he was captured, photographs that quickly went viral on Instagram.

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It seems that the actor wants to continue away from the public eye and the reflectors since after the images began to circulate on Instagram, they were deleted from Willy’s profile.

Despite this, fans who could not perceive the images of this place do not have to worry because some media captured the photographs before they were eliminated.

In the images you can see Rafael Amaya dressed completely in black with a very sporty style, pants, shirt, jacket, a chain with a cross charm on his chest and red Nike tennis shoes stand out from his clothing.

The handsome actor of Telemundo he keeps his hair quite short and some of the Internet users say that he looks with a few extra pounds. Despite the fact that her abdomen is somewhat bulky in the images, her arms can be seen quite well worked and strong.

Two other photographs circulate on the network, in which you can see the famous ex of Luz Elena González with a small girl, who they say is the daughter of the businessman and poses happily together and in the arms of Rafael Amaya for the image .

It has been shared that the star attended this private event because it was his close friend and it was held at the businessman’s home.

Rafael Amaya looks much better this time than his last appearance, in which a netizen found him in a restaurant and in the kindest way gave life to his character Aurelio Casillas to please her and send a message to her husband assuring that he should not leave her alone. Some people assured that Rafa did not see himself in his five senses and his face denoted that something was wrong with him.

Due to the fact that Rafael Amaya has moved away from the screen, stages and any exhibition, there are those who assure that he is facing some disease or addiction and to avoid criticism and give explanations for his appearance, he prefers to get away from everything.

The way Rafael Amaya came out of El Señor de los Cielos was truly shocking to his followers.

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At first it was reported that Rafael Amaya he would be temporarily absent from the Telemundo series as he had to recover from an illness acquired after filming in a cave with bats; but this situation lasted too long. The rumors of a relapse in ad1cc1ons grew louder and louder.

The season of El Señor de los Cielos ended and a new one began that he claimed indicated the return of Rafael Amaya and Aurelio Casillas, his followers were excited because he appeared in the promotionals; but what they did not know is that he was returning to leave forever.

The funeral of Aurelio Casillas It was a huge criticism for the series and fans claimed the story would no longer make sense without him; There were even those who separated that Rafael did not even record those last chapters, pointing out that he looked quite strange and seemed to use a double and characterization.