The Lord of the Rings has had an accident on the set

They have reported a terrible accident while filming Amazon’s long-awaited Lord of the Rings series.

Actress in action scenes Dayna grant has suffered an injury on the set of The Lord of the rings from Amazon Studios and he’s going to need immediate brain surgery.

“World-renowned acrobat Dayna Grant (Wonder Woman, Mad Max, Snow White, Xena, Ash vs Evil Dead) recently suffered a head injury while filming an upcoming series / movie,” local press reported. It was later confirmed that the project in question was The Lord of the rings.

TO Dayna grant He was diagnosed with an 8-millimeter aneurysm and injuries to his upper spine, which required immediate surgery.

Lucy Lawless from Xena: The Warrior Princess He also shared his support for Grant, as it was his stunt double in the series and offered money to pay the costs of the operation.

An actress with a great filmography.

Despite being unknown to the general public, the actress Dayna grant, apart from The Lord of the rings Y XenaShe has worked on Avatar 2, Wonder Woman 1984, Mulan, The Meg, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Spartacus, Snow White and the Huntsman, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, 30 Days of Night, King Kong and many more. She also played one of the competitors from the island of Themyscira in the opening sequence in Wonder Woman 1984, as well as Jeannie Colletta in 30 Days of Night. He even wrote and produced a short called Reins of war.

Serious accident on the set of The Lord of the Rings series

Hopefully everything goes well and he can recover. But also that there are no more incidents in the filming of The Lord of the rings and they can finish the series in the best possible way. So we can enjoy it when it opens in Amazon throughout 2022. Since fans of the mythology of Tolkien they expect great things from this story that is quite far from the trilogies it premiered Peter jackson.

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