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The expectation surrounding the series of The Lord of the rings what Amazon is doing is huge. All eyes are on her. Many people fear that Amazon is trying to turn JRR Tolkien’s material into something that resembles Game of Thrones – 59%. For many fans that would be a catastrophic mistake.

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We really don’t know if that will happen, but it has given a lot to talk about. Another thing that has kept people busy debating is the cost of this production. We do not know exactly how much it will cost, but there have been rumors that the company has spent $ 465 million on the production of the first season. It is unknown if it is true, but it is something superior to an Avengers movie. In itself it is an unreal figure for a television series, but with Amazon it is possible. In addition, we are talking about that this is only what has been spent to produce the first season, we are not counting the payment they had to make to have the rights. It is said that counting that the figure rises to a billion dollars. With such an expense we can assume that they have planned to do several seasons. In fact, the second was confirmed before the pandemic struck our world last year.

Amazon made a roundtable at Zoom with The Hollywood Reporter. In her Jennifer salke He explained why the series has such a huge budget, but didn’t say an exact amount, actually:

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The marking is crazy, as you could see with the deal between Navajas y Secretos. This is a full season of a huge series focused on creating a world. The number is either a sexy headline or a wacky headline that’s fun to click on, but it’s really building the infrastructure of what’s going to build the show entirely. But this is a crazy world and several people in this Zoom, especially Bela and I, have been in auction situations where the price starts to go up a lot. There are a lot of claims and we have to make decisions when it comes to when to stretch [el presupuesto] and when to stop. As for how many people should see The Lord of the Rings? A lot. A gigantic global audience has to show up for this television event and we are confident that this is going to happen.

In other words, it confirmed what was suspected, it is not a budget designed for a single season and that’s it. It is an investment to build the infrastructure of the entire program. That speaks to Amazon having faith that, although it sounds weird, their series is going to be the next. game of Thrones in terms of the number of people it can attract. The reality is that this is why they don’t do so many high fantasy shows, and it’s also why so many of the responses to the HBO show were historical series. It is very expensive to create a medieval fantasy world in live-action. It is an investment and a risk that only a giant like Amazon could take.

We only have to hope that it will be a success. Otherwise it is highly unlikely that we will ever see another company take a risk of this magnitude. It would be interesting that in the future we could see adaptation of other series of the style.

On the other hand, not long ago one of the actors in the series was left out of it, which could be an indication that he is going to be late. Here’s what the actor in question said:

Hello loves, it is with great sadness that I write to tell you that I am out of the television series of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ from Amazon. After recently watching the first few episodes filmed over the last year, Amazon decided to go in another direction with the character I was playing … I must thank the creative team for their encouragement in trying something that I believed to be new, exciting and beautiful. And I sincerely thank the extraordinary cast and crew for their love, support, and friendship for what has been a very difficult and unusual experience. Unfortunately, some things simply cannot be. Destination my mother, I thank you.

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