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‘Godzilla vs Kong’ is the second blockbuster to hit theaters after the pandemic with Alexander Skarsgård as the star of the movie. We spoke with the Swedish actor about his journey in Hollywood and the particular way of filming this film. In addition, we continue with the celebrations of our 75th anniversary, this time by the hand of Julio Medem, Emma Suárez and Carmelo Gómez, whom we gather to remember ‘Land’, one of the director’s most iconic titles.

How could it be otherwise, the Oscars are very present in this issue and have their own name: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Vinterberg, Carey Mulligan or Andra Day they chat with us about the films nominated for the Hollywood Academy Awards.

In the television section, Eusebio Poncela tells us about his participation in the new of ‘Merlí: Sapere Aude’ and Enrique Urbizu reveals the secrets behind ‘Libertad’, his new series that comes to Movistar + starring Bebe and Isak Férriz, among others.

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1 The Beast Lord

Alexander Skarsgård has the privilege (and responsibility) to give a good boost to the international box office with ‘Godzilla vs Kong’, a blockbuster that hits theaters on Friday the 26th directed by Adam Wingard (Blair Witch, The Guest), and that takes up the franchise from MonsterVerse who was born with
Godzilla (2014) and continued with Kong: Skull Island
(2017) and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). We talk to him.

2 Return to ‘Earth’ by Julio Medem

After reuniting JA Bayona with Belén Rueda and Roger Príncep last month to reopen the doors of ‘El orfanato’, we continue the reunions of our 75th anniversary, this time with the help of Julio Medem, Emma Suárez and Carmelo Gómez. Director and actors remember with us how was the gestation and filming of ‘Tierra’, one of the most iconic titles in the Basque filmmaker’s filmography and in which the universe that has made him an incomparable figure internationally was best reflected .

3 And The Oscar Goes To…

We analyze the possibilities of the candidates to take the precious statuette in the most atypical edition of the Hollywood Academy Awards, marked by the pandemic and the consumption of movies at home surpassing the cinemas.

4 ‘Another round’ for Mikkelsen

The film directed by Thomas Vinterberg is emerging as one of the favorites to win the Oscar in the category of Best International Film. We chat with Mads mikkelsen, its protagonist, on the reflection that houses this praise of friendship washed down with liters of alcohol.

5 Is the second time the charm?

Carey Mulligan opts for the Oscar for the second time with ‘A promising young woman’, a powerfully feminist (and colorful) film that has achieved five Oscar nominations. We review with the actress the key points of this film and we look back to take stock of 15 years of a career as impeccable as it is committed.

6 A debut at his height

Andra Day She has entered Hollywood through the front door: nominated for Best Actress for her performance in ‘The United States against Billie Holliday’. “I still do not believe that I am an actress”, tells us in this interview that we have carried out in Los Angeles.

7 The Latest Hollywood Icon?

Five decades of career have served Jodie foster to realize that “cinema is not everything”. Much more selective with her projects, the actress has premiered ‘The Mauritanian’, a drama directed by Kevin Macdonald for which she won her four Golden Globe Awards. The actress tells us in this interview where she is professionally and personally.

8 The surprise of ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’

Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield They lead this biopic of Fred Hampton, the leader of the Black Panthers assassinated in 1969 by the FBI while he was sleeping. The film has become the great surprise of the next edition of the Oscars.

9 Living legend

Eusebio Poncela returns to television hand in hand with ‘Merlí: Sapere Aude’, Movistar + series whose second season arrives on the platform on April 2. We chatted with him about his new character and his tireless love of the trade: “I will be active until I die.”

10 Enrique Urbizu rides again

After ‘Giants’, Enrique Urbizu returns to Movistar + to tell the story of La Llanera, the protagonist bandolier of ‘Freedom’ and in whose skin Bebe gets into.

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