The López-Belmonte family sells 3% of Rovi for 87.9 million

Norbel Investments, a patrimonial company controlled by the López-Belmonte family and main shareholders of Laboratorios Rovi, has announced the sale of approximately 3% of the share capital of the pharmaceutical company, equivalent to approximately 1.7 million shares, through a private accelerated placement among qualified investors.

According to the López-Belmonte family, the majority shareholder of Rovi, the objective of the placement of the shares is to gradually increase the liquidity of the security (increase in free float or free float).

The transaction price stood at 52.25 euros per share, a 5% discount on yesterday’s closing price (55 euros per share), which represents a total of 87.88 million euros.

After the settlement of the operation, which is expected on June 24, Norbel Inversiones will remain the main shareholder of Laboratorios Rovi, although its participation in its capital will have been reduced to 60.1%.

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