The Loki series still has “much more to reveal” from Miss Minutes

Image of Miss Minutes (Lady Minutes) in Loki 1x02: The Variant

A few days ago they confirmed that the character of the Miss Minutes would have his own arc within the series “Loki”. Now she is the actress Tara strong, in charge of putting the character in the original version, who addresses this question. In an interview for THR, this mythical voice of a multitude of characters in animated format has ensured that there is still much to reveal about this character in the Marvel series.

Miss Minutes is the “mascot” of the Temporal Variation Agency (AVT) in charge of training. An animated clock with 16 marks for the time, a clear sign that the time in the AVT passes differently. In episode 1 we saw her in a video explaining what the AVT did and offering a basic explanation of the timelines, and in the second chapter we saw her directing Loki’s training to help the AVT. There we even see that it is not simply an element for an animation, it is a “character” with whom Loki can interact.

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Strong does not logically go into much detail, but he does say that there is still more to see of this character to whom he lends his voice:

I can cryptically hint that you will see her again. There is much more to reveal, and it’s fun to watch it unfold. The beauty of this character is that it is not really known who he is, where he comes from, what his origin story is, how sensitive is it, if it has something at stake and what are your intentions, if it does. As in any good and exciting adventure, be it on television or in the movies, you keep asking yourself that all the time. So is an intriguing character, and that will continue.

It certainly looks pretty promising. The fact that Strong makes reference to its origin or its interiors, knowing that the director of the series confirmed that it would have its own arc, could give reason to think. Especially after the revelation of the third episode today, is perhaps Miss Minutes a direct link to the Guardians of Time? Time will tell

Tara Strong has had a prolific voice acting career spanning nearly 35 years. He has voiced iconic small screen characters such as Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Bubbles from the series “The Powerpuff Girl.” He has also voiced characters from films such as the English dubbing of Studio Ghibli’s “Princess Mononoke,” “Monsters University” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” among his nearly 600 roles.

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