The best sensor from the Swedish company is dressed in one of the most famous competition cases.

By Manuel Buzn / Updated May 22, 2020, 20: 3427 Comments

This is the second appearance of our section “the featured offer of the week”, where we give space to an additional discount that we have not covered in our weekly Hunting for Bargains and that we believe is of special interest to our readers. For this occasion we bring back an offer of Logitech; Specifically, it is the revision of its classic G Pro desktop mouse, which renews its previous sensor with the Hero 16K of the Swedish company and updates some of the elements of its chassis to be closer to the mouse standards of current high performance.

The chassis and shape remain the same as the original G Pro, a format we’ve seen on other Logitech mice, such as the G203 Light Sync, or the wireless G305. It is an oval shape with slightly centered elevation and small in size; a design that greatly favors the grip in the form of a “claw” or with the tip of the fingers as the only support. The revision on the chassis is visible in the central wheel of the mouse and in elements such as the cable, it also very slightly reduces its weight compared to its predecessor, leaving it around 80 grams.

The undoubted “jewel in the crown” is the Hero 16K sensor that justifies the revision of the mouse; a sensor that we can see in the rest of the company’s high-end mice, such as the G502 Hero, and that directly competes with models such as PixArt’s PMW 3389. In any case, the only reason this model didn’t appear in our latest mouse shopping guide was for its price.

At 129 euros originally priced for the revised G Pro we have more interesting and lighter competitors, like the Razer Viper. Luckily, we can find it in PC components currently around 74 euros, a price for which to opt for this model is a plausible option.

Buy Logitech G Pro for 73.99 euros

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