F1 sells masks with their logo, although they are not suitable as anti-COVID-19 protection.

Formula 1 has put on sale its own face masks through its official store, although you should not use them to protect yourself from COVID-19. It is a simple merchandising or collection product, which does not guarantee any type of protection against viruses or diseases, so underneath it would also be necessary to wear a mask approved by the health authorities as long as they are necessary.

If you have been bored of using the simple design face masks and you like racing Formula 1, you are in luck: the queen category has put on sale masks with their own logo and brand, although you will not be able to use them to protect yourself from the COVID-19. They can be purchased through its official website, for a price of € 19.99, separate shipping, and in a pack of three units.

The F1 face masks, made of polyamide fabric, they are available in two colors, black and white, although for the black color there are two designs available, with the “F1 70” logo, which commemorates the 70 years of Formula 1 history, placed in two different ways.

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Of course, the website of the official store of the Formula 1 warn: these masks they should not be used as protection against coronavirus. Therefore, in case you buy it, you must use it – at least in the time that they are mandatory by the COVID-19 – with another authorized mask underneath or you can simply have it as a souvenir. The proceeds will go to a charity determined by F1.

According to what was published on the F1 store website, these masks are “perfect for showing your support (for F1) wherever you are and whatever you do”. In a warning after the ‘read more’ button, we were surprised: “This product is not a medical device. It is not intended to be a personal protective equipment and should not be used by healthcare professionals or in a healthcare / clinical setting or environment. ”

“The product is not intended to prevent or protect you from any form of disease or illness (or of any other type).”

This article was published in Autobild by Adrián Mancebo